The deal:  Six Until Me. is hosting the Patient-Consumer Parade next Monday, August 21st.  There’s sure to be soft serve ice cream, bears on unicycles, and fancy socks for everyone.

The desire:  The theme of PCP6UntilMe. is “The Fabric of our Lives.”  (My apologies to Cotton advertising campaign.)  I’m looking for submissions that weave our daily doses of patient-consumerism into our everyday lives.  The accounts of how we are constantly maintaining our chronic conditions or our individual healthcare needs, all while grocery shopping, driving our cars, paying our bills, jumping on trampolines, eating peanut butter straight from the jar … you get the picture.  How is patient-consumerism woven into the fabric of your life?

The deadline:  I need all submissions by Sunday, August 20th at 6 pm.  Email them to me directly with the subject line “PCP6UntilMe.”  Be sure to include the permalink to your post and your blog name, along with a brief description of the post.

The debut:  This is the first PCP that has ventured off to hang out at a host blog, so help me make it a success!  And if you are interested in hosting a future Patient-Consumer Parade, send an email to The Host.