What’s On My Bad List:

  • Route 95 from RI to CT – Forever clogged with drivers in BMW’s who want to go 75 mph and then stop all of a sudden for no reason
  • Ms. Siah Sausage – She has eaten three of my necklaces over the last two weeks.  Bit the chains right in half, like a wolverine.  Blasted animal.
  • The Oppressive Heat – Enough already.  Stop it, global warming!
  • Insurance – Between car and medical, I’m spent.
  • Being Sleepy – Too many late nights and early mornings.  I miss my bed.

What’s On My Good List:Shark Week.

  • Shark Week – I am scared to pieces of sharks but oh how I love Shark Week.
  • My adorable nephew and his preoccupation with zombies
  • Soft serve ice cream – Chocolate/Vanila swirl.  I could go for one right now.
  • Norwalk Highlights – Include the Maritime Aquarium and Chocopologie
  • Charlotte Jane – Welcome to the world, Julia’s beautiful new baby!
  • Abby the Cat – Big, fat, sleeps on my head.  Detects low bloodsugars.  Double pawed.
  • Shop Rite – Newly discovered grocery haven.  Much cheaper than Stop & Shop.  They also have the blueberry tea, so it’s on.
  • An Uzi at the Alamo – If you haven’t seen this movie yet, there’s no excuse.  It’s on NetFlix, for crying out loud!
  • And lastly, the RI beaches.  They are gorgeous.  Rolling Atlantic waves, white sand, hot sun.  My best friend and I claimed a patch of beach for a few hours on Sunday and it was just perfect.  I love my job and my apartment, but I miss that ocean.  The beaches here in Norwalk just don’t cut it.