Paragraphs?  Can’t.  Sorry.

  • We had to make a List of To Do Lists.
  • There are To Do Lists stuck to my closet doors and I take immense pleasure in crossing things off.  “I packed up the DVDs,” he yelled from the living room.  My grin is maniacal.  “The list!  Cross it off the list!”
  • (Yes, we wrote things on the list that we had done previously, just so we could cross them off.)
  • The living room looks like the Cardboard Coalition 2006 is holding their annual meeting.  I have made blueberry tea and cucumber sandwiches, in case they show up.
  • I packed every medical supply carefully into a cardboard box as though I were playing Sausage on the Mountain“Perfection.”  It was a flawless arrangement until I needed a new box of test strips.  Which were at the bottom of the box.  Under the infusion sets.  Under the reservoirs.  Under the lancets and Novopen needle tips.
  • It’s raining.  Come on, Beach Weather!!
  • Stacks of boxes are in the corner of the living room, providing Sausage with a daily mountainous adventure.
  • I miss my friends already.
  • We trekked to CT yesterday, paying a security deposit to turn on the electricity in our condo.  I have never heard of such a thing.  Paying a security deposit for the apartment, sure.  But for the utilities?  Blashphemy.  And of course it wasn’t a $50 deposit.  Try eight times that.
  • Clif Energy Bars, though riddled with carbs, are delicious.  I can’t lie.  So are the Detour ones.
  • You know what?  Websites don’t design themselves. I am learning this the hard way.
  • My gym membership ran up this week.  So I am sneaking into the gym.  Dressed as a ninja.  Very stealth.
  • “The Steel Cage Match for Rights to Fantasize About John Cusack:  Kassie vs. Kerri” will be held in my new living room (if Foxwoods is booked) at a to-be-determined date.  Details on the Pay Per View to come.

Now I can cross “Blog Post” off my list.