I quit my job a few weeks ago.

I’ve been waiting to say that for weeks because my former insurance job was so rotten, so boring and kept me trapped in a windowless building for almost two years.  I was miserable.  I was a Merchant of Fear, selling the worst case scenario to people.  They would tell me that they bought an airplane.  My response: “Hey, that’s great!  But you could crash it, so you should make sure you have insurance on it.”  Terrible course of business.

It was making me depressed.

So I quit.  Gleefully.

A much better offer came along a few weeks ago.

I’ve been busy packing up my house.  Looking for a new apartment with my boyfriend.  Enjoying my last few weeks as a RI resident.  Laying out at the beach with my friends.  Becoming excited, really excited.  Paying insane amounts for a condo inHe tried to bring me flowers. western Connecticut.  Traveling back and forth a few times a week to iron out all the details of the move.   Trying to keep my own mouth shut and so thankful for those who knew and kept silent with me.  Becoming more excited.

Next week I will be starting my new job with dLife.  As of June 30th, I will be living in a beachside community and working for a company whose mission I respect deeply.

I am no longer a Merchant of Fear.

I now have a job I want.  And that feels pretty damn good.