Sunscreen?  Check.

Bathing suit?  Check.

Blanket?  Check.

Day off from work and finally no freaking rain?  Check and check.

Earlier this week marked my first visit to the beach of the season.  Blue skies, bathing suit rescued from the depths of the suitcase we took to L.A., and my infusion set sitting snugly against my right thigh, we traversed to South County, RI and enjoyed a day at the beach.

While we laid out on the blanket and talked, I noticed how little and white the infusion set looked.  Stark contrast against my tanning skin.  And so dreadfully medicinal.

Then I remember those little “patch” things I had read about on The Diabetes Blog and on LaLa’s HiLo BlogGroovy Patches.  I had mentioned them in my last dLife article about pumping at the beach.

I was intrigued.  Groovy Envelope

So I emailed the President of Groovy Patches LLC and she was extremely kind and accommodating in providing me with a few Groovy Patches of my own to try out.

They came in this lovely packaging (yes, that is my thumb with the nail bitten into oblivion).  I tore into the envelope like a kid at Christmas.

The concept is this little circle that covers the white infusion set patch.  I received twelve different designs, including tropical fish, flowers, flames, a leopard pattern, and stripes.  You just peel this little sticker off, line it up on your pump site, and reconnect the pump.

So here’s the “Before” shot, Pre-Groovy Patch.  (Yes, those little dots are my infusion set marks.  I love a good thigh site.  And I also love a good tan, because in about a week, those little suckers will barely be noticeable.)


And here’s the “After,” once I had been properly Grooved.

Officially Groovified

I’ll be the first one to admit that I don’t care much for flashy pump cases and I chose the most basic colored pump.  Most of the time, my pump is completely hidden in a pocket, a bra, or a MacGyvered gizmo, but at the beach, I wear it in public.  It’s out there.

These patches make my normally mundane and medicinal pump site a little more fashionable and fun.

I’ll admit it:  I felt groovy.

Has anyone else checked out these patches?