I came across her blog when I hosted the Carnival of Compassion back in November.  Honest, brilliantly written, beautiful.  She battled ovarian cancer.  I read every post she wrote.

Since January, she hadn’t been posting very much.  Her friend, dubbed “Cancerbaby’s Friend,” had been signing on and updating the blog to let her readers know how things were going.  Updates were spare but hopeful.  Thoughts and prayers were flooding her comments and I thought of this nameless woman often over the last few months.

Last night I checked her blog.

Cancerbaby’s Friend had posted the following:

My phone just rang. It was cancerbaby’s husband.

“I guess you know why I’m calling,” he said.

She died this morning.

She was thirty-three.

Her name was Jessica.”

It isn’t fair.  She broke the rules.  These blogs about people with medical conditions, they are supposed to write candidly and bravely.  They are supposed to give a glimpse into what it’s like to live with these diseases.  To live.  They are supposed to make you laugh and cry and feel for people you don’t even know.

They aren’t supposed to die.