Pretend you’re stranded on a desert island. You already have shelter, water,
batteries, an abundant food supply that doesn’t revolve around coconuts and even a cabana boy/girl to minster to your, erm, needs. However, you need some intellectual entertainment. Give me your top five desert island:

Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary – I hate when I can’t think of or spell a word.
The Princess Bride, revised by William Goldman – The book is so much better than the movie.
My Journal – For my own musings.
The latest Jodi Picoult volume- Guilty pleasure.
Sweet Invisible Body by Lisa Roney – Inspires me.

Dead Poet’s Society – Never fails to reignite my desire to be a writer.
Braveheart – Touches that bit of my heart that loves a romance, but needs a body count, too.
An Uzi at the Alamo – I am just mad for the filmmaker.  🙂
Millions – I left the theater smiling.  This movie may have restored my faith in humanity.
The Fellowship of the Ring – Spot-on adaptation of a brilliant book.

Albums (NOT compilations of your own making)
U2 – The Joshua Tree
The Frames – Burn the Map
Muse – Absolution
Coldplay – Parachutes
Damien Rice – O
I could listen to all five of these albums all day long.  Which is a good thing, since they will be marooned on this island with me.  Do I get to have a cd player, too?

2. Now, pretend you won the lottery. It’s a huge amount, although not sickeningly huge. After you’ve given away your chunk to charity, paid off all your bills, set up savings/trust funds for kids and self and given money to deserving family and friends, you’re left with $5 million, which you must use to build a house. Where would it be? What would it look like? Tell me how you’d furnish it and then describe your first party there.

My house would be on the beach.  It would have enough bedrooms to accommodate overnight house party guests while not evicting my future children from their bedrooms.  With windows facing the ocean and a skylight in the master bathroom, there would be plants and photographs and beautiful glass mobiles hanging from the ceilings.

It would look like home.  It would feel that way, too.

And the first party would be rocking.  I’d describe it but I don’t want to ruin the surprise when everyone shows up and sees the band and the ice luge and the petting zoo and the unicyclist and Larry Bird  …

3. If you could have dinner with five people from history, living or dead, who would they be? What about five fictional characters? What would you serve at each dinner?
Dinner with Real People would include:  Larry Bird, Bono, Lisa Roney, Thom Yorke, and Damien Rice.  They would be served whatever they wanted from the Paragon menu on Thayer Street.  Followed closely by some delicious black raspberry ice cream from St. Claire’s Annex.

Dinner with Fictional People would include:   Peter from the Family Guy, The Easter Bunny, my brother’s imaginary friend from when he was a little kid, Dr. McNamara and Dr. Troy from Nip/Tuck (they come tandem so they only count as one), and Mr. Yuk from the poison labels in the 80’s.  They would be served a heaping plate of bacon bits and smoked salmon, because there’s no need to worry about their sodium intake, as they are Fictional.

4. Describe your least favourite and best characteristics.
My most favored traits are my loyalty, honesty, and determination.  My least favorite are my anxiety, short temper, and my prowess in grudge-holding.My most favored traits are my loyalty, honesty, and determination.My least favorite are my anxiety, short temper, and my prowess in grudge-holding.

5. And finally, answer James Lipton’s Ten Questions:

What is your favorite word?
Absquatulate.  It means “to leave” and I learned it in second grade.  I use it whenever possible.  Which hasn’t been until just now.

What is your least favorite word?

What turns you on?
Is this a serious question?  What turns me on is someone funny.  Seriously witty and funny people have a direct line to my heart.  Make me laugh until milk comes out of my nose (even if I didn’t drink any milk) and I’ll love you forever.

Chris is very funny.

What turns you off?
Anything related to mucous and internal nose issues.  Revolting.  Blech.

What is your favorite curse word?
Dagnab it.  I like Yosemite Sam.  Oooh, and the f-word.  Classic, strong, tacky … I love it.

What sound or noise do you love?
The sound of my cute little nephew’s voice saying anything.

What sound or noise do you hate?
Alarm clock.  Any of the three of them make me completely insane.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
Professional unicycler.  or television personality.

What profession would you not like to do?

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
“Took you long enough.”