I am: tired, happy and filled with Easter Eggs.
I want: a new job. Tomorrow. Please.
I wish: that I knew, with certainty, that everything will be okay.
I hate: medical insurance. Or better: I hate having to worry about medical insurance.
I miss: my grandparents. And I worry about the Only One I Have Left.

I fear: that all this hoping for a cure will be in vain.

I hear: Siah Sausage walking around on the desk next to me.
I wonder: if I will be a good mom..
I regret: any time that I told my parents I hated them. It was never true.
I am not: without fear.
I dance: like I don’t care whose watching.
I sing: the wrong words to most songs.
I cry: when I am afraid.

I am not always: patient enough. I need to work on that.
I make with my hands: blankets, dinner, his back muscles relax, the cats purr, shadow puppets, fists, and sometimes I make obscene gestures.

I write: so I won’t forget.

I confuse: myself. Often.
I need: nothing more than I need him.
I should: stop being so hard on myself and just enjoy all the mess.
I start: thinking about how much they all mean to me and I can’t believe how lucky I am.
I finish: what I start. Even if it takes my whole life.

I tag: the lurkers. Hop to it. (End of my Easter humor.)