Checked the weather in LA. It’s 70 degrees and sunny, just so you know.

Overheard a conversation between two managers, which included the following phrases: “flow chart conversions,” “leaning out processes,” and “restructures.” Uh oh.

Saw a small pile of what appeared to be Bacon Bits on the countertop of the bathroom. (It turned out to be the shavings of someone’s eyebrow pencil.) Sudden urge for Bacon Bits now.

In recognition of Daylight Savings Time, changed the finger prick lancet. Realized that I may be slightly gross.

Watched a manager take two coffee breaks within an hour, then proceed to chastise an employee for leaving their desk to go to the copier.

Caught a glimpse of the sunshine outside. Filled with jealous rage towards trees based on the fact that no one expects them to sit at a desk for nine hours.

Listened to the man who sits in front of me talk about the upcoming Yankees game. “Love them Yankees!” Realize that he doesn’t sit close enough to actually hit, so I just threw a pen at him and then blamed it on someone else.

Checked the weather in LA again. Still sunny.

(Redeeming moment: In Googling the word “Sunny” in search of a picture, I came across a book series called “Sunny.”

Description: Sunny wakes up on a bright, summer morning to the familiar sounds of his wonderful world. Inspired by what they hear, he and his friends decide to invent their own playful brand of music. Before long, the happy children get down to a hootennanny time.”

My mood has significantly improved just from reading the work “hootennanny.”)