1. Tomorrow it is supposed to be almost 60 degrees in Boston. Perfect weather for a PreUnion. (Someone called it “The Sucrose Social.” I laughed and begged for rights to reprint their quip.) Starts at High Noon. Meet in the lobby? I have to be at a real estate appointment at 4 o’clock, so I can stay until about 3:40-ish. But I am very excited…

The tallied total looks like this: NicoleLyrehcaJuliaShannon, me, and The Maybes include Heidi and JenCaren, are you coming? Who am I missing? I tried to go back through the comments and realized that I can’t keep track of things to save my life. It’s a miracle that I haven’t accidentally filled my pump with shampoo yet.

2. The Ricola Cherry Herb Throat Drops are both delicious and making considerable strides against the plague that has settled into my throat. I recommend them to everyone. And I would also like to invite the guys from the Ricola commercials to come play at the PreUnion tomorrow.

3. The arch nemesis of my diabetes this week? Girl Scouts and their obscenely expensive yet highly addictive cookie arsenal. Those Lemon Pastry cookies are great. One unit per cookie. Touchdown.

4. When it comes to jobs, mine gets awards for being The Most Crummy. Today’s adventures have my boss timing people’s lunch breaks and issuing mandates on the amount of breaks people can take per day. I am eagerly awaiting the assignment of my cubby and nap time. I am currently using my college diploma as a placemat.

5. New “Generation D” column is up at dLife. Also, Megan at This is my Life has written a terrific post called “The Classroom.” Recommend a read.

6. Private (after a fashion) Message for The Dishwasher Coalition of the Yellow Bench Café: You are right. Waitressing at The Yellow Bench Café was one of the greatest jobs I’ve ever had because it threw your daughter and me into the most Instant Friendship Ever. Your recent diagnosis as a Type 2 diabetic may give us something in common, but I want you and The Wife as healthy as possible. Get healthy!! If you do not comply with my requests, I may resort to telling Leo to attack you while you sleep. He’s about 15 pounds of Fat Cat. Best be careful.

See you tomorrow for the PreUnion!

High noon.