Fitzcarraldo” is a movie from 1982 about a man, Brian Fitzgerald, so enchanted with opera and the singer Enrico Caruso that he takes it upon himself to build an opera house right where he lives.

In the middle of the Peruvian jungle.

Push coming to a literal shove, the movie reaches a pinnacle point when Brian finds himself without a river, without a crew, and without a hope pushing his steamship up a mountainside. In his darkest hour, the powerful enchantment of the jungle natives aids him in bringing his enormous steamship up the face of the mountain.

Long way about it, thank you to this entire online community for being my jungle natives, so to speak. Sometimes it’s like moving a ship up a mountain, this disease. Every hand helps when my own falter. So thank you.
Oh, I booked a plane ticket to Los Angeles today. And called in a refill for my Xanax prescription, because Chris and I are off to California at the end of March for a business trip/exploration of the West Coast trip/just a fun time trip. Time to make a literal O.C. of this blogger.

More details to come on that.

And as for the early March Boston Blogger Event, what is the schedule for the East Coast bloggers on the weekend of March 4th? Does that weekend look like a feasible timeframe for those interested in attending? It seemed as though the most accessible place would be the Boston Children’s Museum. Meet at noon at the museum?

Who’s in?

UPDATE: Looks like March 4th is an issue for a number of people. How fares March 11th?