Tonight is the test run of Kerri’s Xanax Experience.

Because I’m so anxious about taking an anti-anxiety pill that I have to test it before the flight. That’s normal. But the questions run rampant in my mind. What will happen to my bloodsugars? Will I fall asleep? Will I be able to function at all after downing this pill? Will I become a babbling, silly fool? Will I become intolerable and prone to crying fits? Will I be so pleased that I offer to fly the plane myself? Will it make my stomach upset? Will one pill be enough to calm my fear of flying? Will …

Oh just take the pill and shut up already.

And get ready for a happy, happy flight.

Oooh, and on another note, I am attempting to compile a “Dictionary of Diabetes Terms, Unabridged Morrone Edition 2006.” I’m looking for those terms we come up with as a diabetic community, like Rage Bolusing, Panic Eating … Wil, I’m looking for you in particular! If you have any terms that you employ in describing your diabetes or methods of treatment, offer them up. It’ll be a “Sniglets” for diabetics, of sorts.

UPDATE: The Xanax is just dandy. Everything is just dandy. Seems like two will be the magic number for the flight. The plan is to dose up for the flight down there and not have to bother with any medication on the way back. But I’m here, two hours into the Xanax, feeling very calm and serene and no bloodsugar fluctuations and I’m still able to test and apparently update the blog. However, I have no desire to take something like this all the time. I feel too mellow, which is so terribly un-Kerri of me. 

Mission Accomplished. Bring on the cruise!

UPDATE TWO: Jen, who had de-lurked herself today in a comment, has a new diabetes blog called “17 Going on 50?” Go on over and check her out. She’s a college freshman with a very honest and no holds barred approach to her diabetes.