I had the pleasure of speaking with Christel Marchand last week, host of the brilliant Diabetic Feed, about my blog, the book, and the general chaos associated with my being diabetic. Diabetic Feed broadcasts weekly installments of information regarding diabetes, proudly stating “We’re dedicated to bringing you the latest news, information, and people who impact the diabetic community.” Christel hosts the program while John Aprigliano produces. My interview is part of Broadcast # 24 for Diabetic Feed and marks the beginning of my contributions to their team.

So you can hear my voice, albeit altered by the popping of the audio to the point where I sound like I have a stuttering problem, if you download this week’s broadcast. And yes, Faithful Readers, you should download this podcast every week. Aside from being informative and very supportive of the diabetic community, the music is pretty cool, too.

To confirm: No, I don’t have a stuttering problem.

But yes, I do talk that fast.