discussionon Mom Wants a Diabetes Cure has spawned the Great New England D-Meet.

The synopsis is that diabetics who live within convenient traveling distance to Boston, be they children, mothers, or just plain 26 year old bloggers obsessed with Mr. L. Bird, are ready to plan to Meet. The proposed timeframe is February or Early March.

I’m looking for a headcount of who would be interested in coming, what timeframe is best, and what activity we want to enjoy. Since it’s important that the kids of all ages are able to come, an event that is all ages friendly should be constructed. We could be just talking dinner here. Somewhere convenient and not fancy. But I’m looking for some feedback on this. Who would be interested?
Also, Allison over at Lemonade Life has gone live with her new website: Diabetes Teen Talk. The community is specifically geared towards teens (those in the “high school through just after graduation” range). If you are or you know someone who would be interested in touching base with other teenaged diabetics, take a skip over.