Today’s list:

1. There’s a new diabetes blogger. And his dog has gas. I’d say more, but those two sentences alone have me in a smirky mood, so I’ll let his blog speak for itself. Type3. Go say hi.

2. My cruise sets sail at the end of the month. Two issues here: I’ve decided to wear the pump instead of leaving it at home. You all played a role in guiding me, but the main selling point was not having to revisit the whole Dawn Phenomenon irritant. I get so spikey in the wee hours of the morning that my fear of losing the pump and the vanity of my bikini obsession doesn’t win out over avoiding those highs. So I’m thinking about going “Un-tethered” and bringing a bottle of Lantus for the days we spend on the beach. Any thoughts/advice/warnings on this?

Second issue is that my phobic fear of flying has lead me to call my doctor and ask for an anti-anxiety medication to take before the flight. Yes, it’s all mind over matter and I should try to conquer my fears vs. sedating them, but the idea of Chris having to deal with Hysterical Girl on the flight makes me feel so silly that I opted for drugs. Xanax has been the prescribed drug of choice. I know this could be a touchy subject, but has anyone taken anything anti-anxiety before? I have never taken any drugs and I am unsure about the effects on my bloodsugars and Self in General. Feedback on this is crucial. Feel free to email me if you don’t want to comment on the blog. Please. I appreciate your help!

3. Thank you guys for your inspiring comments and emails about the blog awards. While I’m wordy about everything else, I can’t seem to get past a stammering “Thanks,” and blushing furiously. But know that I appreciate everyone’s support and I’m proud to be a part of this. (Blushing again.)

4. Larry Bird. Today he called to ask me what I thought of his instinctive genius.

Man, he is just too much.

Addendum: Kassie, my dearest, this is for you.