I received this comment today from a self-proclaimed Anonymous Lurker. She’s a mother with a recently diagnosed 8 year old. I’ve posted her question below. If you have any words of wisdom for A.L.M. (Anonymous Lurker Mom), please offer them up. She’s looking for our collective advice on this: 

“Hi Kerri.

I’m a regular lurker and I have a question to put to the OC. I can’t figure out the comment are on the OC’s site, so i thought I’d start with you. I am a newly single mom … my daughter was dx’d at age 8 January 25, 2005. We have grown and learned so much during this year. I am so proud of her, myself and her brothers and sister. Should I commemorate the anniversary in some way or just do so privately myself? I’m not sure she will mention it although we are the type of family that makes holidays out of little things. If she does mention it, I’ll follow her lead … I guess I’m conflicted about what we’d be celebrating. any thoughts?

Thanks and a happy, healthy 2006 for you! ” 

And yes, eventually we can all get capes. 

And Secret SuperHero Names.

But for now, let’s do what we can.