Quick post before I head off to the office holiday luncheon and make an attempt at “Festive.” There are some new blogs to announce.

CuriousGirl: Nicole writes well. Very well. Her poignant and evocative tale of eight year old embarrassment in a department store and her parents’ reaction to her diagnosis must be read. In her words, “… I would have challenges — just like anyone else — but in the end, I would be fine.”

DIA…gonal: Skytor in Paris wrote a post about the A1c (and effectively renamed it for me) that made me snicker, out loud at my desk, to the point where the girl who sits behind me had to know what was so funny.

A Diabetes Discourse: Tyler writes an very informative blog about diabetes and “the potential for a cure.” He recently wrote a post about the “Halle Berry Diabetes Mystery” that had me scouring the internet for clues.

Go greet the New Guys, Faithful Reader. And ready yourself for my rendition of “The Undisclosed Service Center’s Attempt at Holiday Cheer” recap.