Dear Faithful Readers,

It’s Shameless Plug Time again at Six Until Me.

Here’s the deal: I’m writing a book. And it’s about diabetes. (I know … try and contain your shock.) Having said that, I am looking to tap the good ol’ O.C. for perspectives.

What I’m looking for specifically is this:

Diabetics and Parents of Diabetics, how does this disease shape your life? Can you sum up the effects of this chronic condition in one phrase (I hate this disease and all its tricky bits…) or does the question instead provoke pages of musings? The question is extremely open ended and I hope responses will run the proverbial gamut. I am looking for it all. Please don’t censor yourself. Please don’t worry about how you will sound or what people will think. It’s the raw responses that I want. The ones that might scare you to write. I want this project to really highlight how truly psychological this condition is. And I want all of our voices to be heard.

I trust you.

There’s something very strange about this O.C. There is an unparalleled strength to this group, despite the distance between us all. We have, for the most part, never met in person. The majority of us have never had even a conversation on the phone. We have no idea what each other’s favorite colors are, or their birthdays, but we have intimate glimpses into each other’s darkest hours. Our coldest fears. Our moments of success. The truths that we hide from others. We share this disease and all its fretful fears and careful moments of hope.

One day we will share its cures.

But for this moment, we have the support of one another.

I will be contacting the contributors after reading submissions to discuss publishing options. Of course, any information gleaned from your responses will be both credited in the book and appreciated by the Me.

If you are comfortable answering this question and you would like to be involved in Six Until Me (the book), please email your responses to Six Until Me.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

— Kerri.