The JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes (the RI edition) took place on Sunday at Roger Williams Park. And Team Six Until Me took part for the first time. We were we a little team – only seven walkers, but we raised a fair amount of money. The team consisted of myself, The Boy, Mom and Oystein, Batman, her BoyWonder, and Best Nurse Friend. We wore sneakers. And matching JDRF t-shirts. I was the only one on the team wearing a pump, but definitely not the only one at the walk.

We raised $3,000 as a team. I was impressed. And very happy with the results.

Six Until Me didn’t have team t-shirts, but a number of teams did. The best team t-shirts I saw were these vibrant yellow ones. About 30 people were milling about in these shirts that read “I’m Walking For Steve.” Every time I turned around, another Steve Supporter.

I couldn’t stand not knowing.

“Excuse me,” I approached a woman with dark brown hair, a sports bottle, and a Walking for Steve shirt. “Who is Steve?”

“Steve? He’s up there. He’s eight years old, diagnosed two years ago. He just got his pump!” I’m not sure if this woman was his mother or aunt or just someone who supported Steve, but she was beaming with pride at the accomplishments of young Steve. She gestured up the path a ways.

There, bouncing in and out among the sunshine colored shirts, was a young kid with spikey brown hair and an impish grin. He was carrying two sticks and poking them against the ground as he marched on. Flanking him on either side were a few other kids, all proclaiming via t-shirt, “I’m Walking for Steve.”

His t-shirt was bright yellow, too. It read, “I’m Steve.”