The television clicks on and I see those same familiar rooftops peeking out over miles and miles of filthy, rising water. People trapped on the islands that their homes have become, begging for rescue. For solace. For help.

I’m not sure how to react.

I’m not very good with disasters. I am riddled with anxiety as it is. Seeing this terrible manifestation of a natural disaster, I want to help but I don’t even know where to start. To see these people, to see their trials, their anguish, is to witness a suffering I can barely conceptualize.

I wanted to write something as heart felt and evocative as Dee’s post. His words affected me more than than the images I’ve been innundated with from CNN or MSNBC. I couldn’t say it better. This time, I’ll just refer you to his link and urge you to make a donation to an organization that provides relief for these people who need help from someone. Even that one dollar makes all the difference.