The Golf Thing for the JDRF was extremely successful. They raised almost $95,000.00 in one night. I met a number of people whose driving force in their lives was to find a cure for diabetes in efforts to ease the pain of their diabetic child. I felt a little strange not working for someone else, but instead for Me. “Hi, yes, my name is Kerri. How old? Twenty-six. No, my child doesn’t have diabetes. I do.” But on the flip side, no one wants a cure for me more than my mom. I’d bet my life on it. Overall, it was an evening I would volunteer for again, without hesitation. Oooh, and the silent auction was rather chatty, so I didn’t receive any reprimand for not being able to keep my mouth shut.

On that note, September draws ever nearer and I have to get my act together for Team Six Until Me. As first-time Team Captain for this diabetes walk, I want to make an impression. I want to raise an obscene amount of money. I also may make t-shirts. Stay tuned for more updates on Team Six Until Me.

My office laid off eight people last week. And has let go of at least 15 employees since January. The writing on the wall, which used to be kind of blurry and in a tiny chicken scratch, has morphed into this huge, 72 point font, bold, “FIND A NEW JOB.” So I will. I am very nervous at the prospect of being laid off. Not because I like the job (because I actually think I might hate it), but the idea of no medical insurance makes my skin crawl. I start calculating how long I can last without ordering supplies. I never can count past three months. However, when I am let go, I won’t be surprised. Or personally offended. There hasn’t been any new business in months. So … I keep a bag with my bikini, a towel, and a book under my desk. In the event that they say, “Kerri, I’m sorry, but…” I will respond with, “Well, thanks. Now I don’t have to wait in aching anticipation anymore. I’m going to the beach.”

Does anyone have any information on outside insurance policies? If my office closes, I need to take on medical insurance immediately. Any suggestions or start points? I’m at a bit of a loss here and I want to be prepared.

Siah, leapt gracefully into the toilet last night. She was very surprised. And soggy. Were I able to catch my breath from laughing at her, I would have dried her off. Instead, she did that Wet Cat Waddle around the apartment, shaking alternating legs and emitting tiny kitten sneezes. Then she hung out in the garbage can.

Off to the beach.