On tap for tonight: I will be working at the 4th Annual JDRF-RI Golf Tournament, which raises money for diabetes research. My tasks tonight include, but are not limited to, working the Silent Auction.

Yes, you read correctly.

The Silent Auction.

I’m not sure if I can be quiet for that long. We’ll see. Either I’ll be able to control myself or I’ll end up buying thirty-three different items by accident. I should bring my checkbook, just in case.

This is the first diabetes event I’ve volunteered for, so I’m excited to get involved. It’s strange that I avoided anything related to diabetes when I was younger. Never volunteered, didn’t go to support groups, nothing. But now, as I mature (sort of), I gravitate towards anything even remotely resembling support. Does that indicate acceptance?

I’ll let you know how the event goes tonight.

Also, there is yet another diabetes blogger online. Her name is Rachel and her blog can be found Here. She’s brand new to blogging but a veteran diabetic. Check out the site. (Saloon doors swing shut.)

Lastly, Siah has taken to hanging out in the garbage cans. Can’t figure that one out. But the rustling of the plastic bags is a good hint as to where she is most of the time.