Siah: Siah (new kitten, weighing in at 2.5 pounds) thinks she owns the place. My other cat, Abby (weighing in at 11.5 pounds), does not agree. They are furry thunder all over the house, leaving tumbleweeds of fluff in their wake. Neither cat gets hurt, so I don’t feel guilty when I’m laughing too hard at the scene of Tiny Cat chasing Moose Sized Cat across the living room floor to stop them.

Summer: I have spent the nice days so far on Block Island and at Napatree Point Beach, so I have a nice tan at the moment. (For The Boy, who may be reading this: Yes, I am proud of my tan.) I love the beach. And this is my second summer with the pump, so I’ve achieved a certain comfort level. I am not embarrassed to have anyone see it. And I spent too much money on this bikini and others to not wear them. Charlene rests hidden underneath a t shirt next to me when I lay out. I tend to wear the infusion set on my thigh so it’s barely noticeable. The migrating tan lines are interesting, though. The pump pops into a plastic bag in the cooler when I go in the water. No issue whatsoever. The only funny look I’ve ever received was from a guy and his girlfriend a few feet away from me. He turned to his lady and confirmed, with infinite wisdom and a flexed bicep, that the “thing on that girl’s leg is a colostomy bag.” And the very notion of that man thinking I pump my own crap back into my leg was too funny to counter. Again, another instance of laughing too hard to stop him.

Future Plans:
 The Boy and I have been toying with the idea of going on a cruise in the next few months. Internet scouring for the best deal has begun. And I am excited. I am not a seasoned traveler and am scared to pieces to fly, so a cruise sounds like a good vacation to help make me accustomed to traveling, particularly with the pump. If anyone has traveled while on the pump, I’d appreciate any perspective. This will be all new territory to me.

My Job: My job is boring. I push insurance papers all day long. How did that become what I do? I can’t write too much about it because it blows my mind to think that I spend eight hours a day that bored. Yes, I’m looking. And yes, medical insurance is always a problem.

Responses to What I’ve Been Reading:
 On Candid Diabetes, I read Tiffany’s bit about using the breast as an infusion site. For the record, I am not squeamish. Nor am I particularly small chested. But I can’t imagine putting the site there. I admire her threshold for pain. And it is a great alternate site. I’m a big advocate for the leg site. But Tiffany, you’re my hero for wearing it There.

On V’s site, there was a discussion about summer clothing and the mystery of where to wear the pump. I personally trot about in skirts almost all summer and my pump rests in the Lara Croft leg holster (a la Medtronic Minimed), tucked into the waistband of my skirt, or I do “the bra thing.” I’ve found that the thigh holster tends to slip after a few hours. Does anyone have a fix for that?

And the hammock picture on Sandra’s site and the Father’s Day recap on Dee’s site made me smile. Every time I thought about it.