This is the New Kitten. Her name is Siah and she will be joining me and Abby (the other cat) on Saturday morning. The root of her name means “serenity” in Finnish. Not that I had any clue as to that tidbit when I thought I made up the name … it’s kind of like the Top Five game. I was convinced I had come up with it myself until I realized, um … I’m arrogant.

This cat is pretty cute. Looks like a baby bear. My landlords are going to kick my ass when they find out.

Yes, it’s true. I am becoming the Old Cat Lady at the ripe old age of 26.

Oooh, but look … she’s so damn cute.

And The Boy let this pearl drop from his mouth as we were on the phone tonight:  

The Boy, walking from his car to his friend’s house, says  “Whoa. What is that? [pause] Oh … I though it was a white cat but it was a bucket.”