One of my favorite games is “Top Five.” Top Five Favorite Movies. Top Five Bands of All Time. Top Five Things I’ve Done to Embarrass Myself. I had the arrogance to think I invented this game, but it turns out that John Cusack did a whole film utilizing this introspective device, namely High Fidelity.

Regardless, I already know what would be included in some of your Top Fives. A cure for diabetes would head up the “Top Five Things I Wish For” category. But there is more to us than Diabetes. That may be what brought us to this venue, but I want to know more, if you’re willing to share.

That brings me to … (drum roll not necessary but appreciated) …

Six Until Me presents …

Here’s the deal: I will provide the scintillating categories and you provide your Top Five.

It’s true: The Fun Just May Never Stop.
And for those of you who check in here but are unwilling to join the threads regarding diabetes topics, here is your opportunity to post with ease.
1. Top Five Favorite Bands
2. Top Five Books I’ve Read
3. Top Five Things I’ve Done to Embarrass Myself
4. Top Five Movies, Ever
5. Top Five Idiosyncrasies I Lay Claim To
6. Top Five Things I Want to Accomplish
7. Top Five Items I Refuse to Eat
8. Top Five Categories I’d Like to See

I am looking forward to your responses. Game on.