I’m off to The Joslin Diabetes Center tomorrow for my checkup appointment with The Crew. My crew consists of the endocrinologist, the exercise physiologist, the dietician, the sadists in the bloodwork lab, and the teaching nurse. I take the day off from work because it’s a decent ride to Boston from my house and I tend to get a little fussy about these appointments, speaking in terms of stress levels.

On tap for tomorrow: discussing my new exercise regimen and the subsequent lows, the kidney infection I had in February, my tangled bout with TSS, and my sweet little cotton wool spot (who I haven’t affectionately named because I don’t want to get too attached).

Not on tap for tomorrow: fretting, worrying, panicking, and jinxing myself. Last time I had a doctor’s appointment, I posted this long dissertation about What Could Go Wrong and Maybe I Deserve This and I ended up with a bit of dodgy news. This time, I’m going in expecting nothing. And everything.

I’ll be ready either way.