Great Job! Stellar! You’re a Star!

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes and Emotions, Diabetes Community, Healthcare, Real Life Diabetes March 16, 2018 6 Comments

Man, all of this.  The big mountain that is “the healthcare system?”  That thing seems gigantic. But small changes make a big difference.  I think about the stickers I used to get on my school papers back in grade school.  The happy, bright yellow star grinning its toothless grin at me, delighted by my spelling homework.  It seems goofy to…


This or That?

Diabetes Online Community March 12, 2018 10 Comments

Yeah.  I’ve fallen down that rabbit hole of Instagram “This or That” stories.  I wish this wasn’t the case.  But it is. (Also, this isn’t formal polling.  Or anything serious.  It’s just for kicks.) You might also like: Switcheroo Looking Back: Lows in Public. “Nice pump.” Diabetes Blog Week: The Quiet Parts.


Myabetic Giveaway!

Diabetes Products, Real Life Diabetes March 7, 2018 260 Comments

I carry around a lot of stuff.  Diabetes gear – my glucose meter, some tabs in case of a low, a spare infusion set, an insulin pen, snacks.  Parenting gear – diapers, wipes, spare outfit for baby in case of chaos, oh hey, snacks again.  Work gear – laptop, phone, earbuds, notepad, and a pen courtesy of some hotel chain.  Plus,…



Diabetes and Emotions, Real Life Diabetes March 6, 2018 9 Comments

The game is pretty simple: a blue, plastic board with a bunch of pieces cut out, and a series of yellow pieces that each fit into their specific spaces.  Then you set a timer, scramble to fit each yellow piece into its spot before the timer buzzes, and try not to twitch from the stress. Oh, did I mention that…


Looking Back: In a Pickle

Diabetic Mommy, Diet and Food March 1, 2018 2 Comments

Today’s post is from 2015, back when Birdy was only five years old, when we were talking about the carbohydrate content of some foods and why her mom cares about odd things like this.    *   *   * “So you can eat any food you wanted so long as it tastes like a pickle?” my daughter asked, looking…


An Interview with Chronically Healthy

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community, Diet and Food, Exercise & Fitness February 28, 2018 No Comments

I met Emily Davis and Sarah Steinmetz of Chronically Healthy at a JDRF TypeOneNation last November, and their mission to help people with diabetes, and also folks living with other chronic illnesses, find peace and good health despite health challenges.  They focus on the intersection between holistic modalities and conventional medicine. I really enjoyed talking with them both and wanted…


A Bad Case: Making Diabetes a Laughing Matter

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes Online Community, Real Life Diabetes February 26, 2018 No Comments

There’s a new comedy series about diabetes coming to a screen near you, and the project is shepherded by a familiar face:  Erin Spineto of Sea Peptide Productions, self-proclaimed “type 1 diabetic, sailor and triathlete.”  Erin is tackling diabetes advocacy through a comedic lens, and today she’s answering a few questions about her new project, A Bad Case. Kerri:  Last…


Not the Flu

Healthcare, Real Life Diabetes February 21, 2018 7 Comments

A wicked little tickle in the back of my throat. Some nausea. No fever, but checking it ten times a day to make sure still no fever. A massive headache. Blood sugars stuck around 130 – 180 mg/dL but not too spikey. No ketones. My anxiety is pretty damn peaky these days, and the aggressive flu season isn’t helping take…