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Video: Holidays and Diabetes.

Once a week, Abby and I talk about ... stuff.  (I'd call it a "meeting," but it's never fully business and discussions usually digress into silliness.)  We were talking about doing a holidays and diabetes video, and our questions started off in some official capacity, but quickly wandered into the realm of "How many sweet pickles have you ever eaten at one holiday meal?" and which family member we wanted to dress up as a reindeer. 

So here's our Holidays and Diabetes video, with festive green scarves and reindeer antlers.  And good intentions.


thumbs up, ladies !
There should be a restaurant chain that serves Christmas favorites year round.
They could call it Mc Santa's, or Santa's hut (whatever)
The menu could include top to bottom holiday foods, including homemade fudge, pumpkin roll, and pumpkin seeds ? really ?

You two are hysterical! Also, Abby, in my house ketchup is called the 5th food group because I too eat it on everything. KETCHUP RULES! :D

I am not a fudge fan. So get this. I'm the mom who makes the fudge that everyone loves. Fudge to me is not a temptation. But that pumpkin roll looks fabulous. Thanks for making me Smile. Your humor is P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S.

Nice work ladies! Oh and pumpkin roll is actually heaven. No really, let it snow pumpkin roll.

So funny! I will send this on to my son. Are you going to post the recipe for pumpkin roles? Sure hope so!

That was awesome! I love the fact that I was thinking - If it's snow, and I can turn it to anything - then that means it's doubly magical and I don't have to bolus for it! - You both thought the same thing too! Magical is magical. That means no bolus necessary!
Happy Holidays!

Absolutely adorable, endearing, funny, and awesome. Thank you so much for posting videos like these. It helps to bring all of us with diabetes together in a fun, relatable, and ultimately uplifting way. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

ya so this pumpkin roll of which you speak? it sounds scrumptious and i really think you should post a recipe. and maybe Abby can post a fudge recipe to go along with the pumpkin roll?

I could go for a fudge roll right about now. Yup, fudge with a cream cheese filling. The best of both desserts.

Haha! This is great! I'm a total ketchup freak too. I don't order hash-browns with ketchup, but instead ketchup with hash-browns!

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