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The Year In Review: 2012.

BOO!!!  (Did I scare you?)Yearly recap?  Sure!  Here we go: the first lines of a definitive post from each month in 2012.  With the same photo I've used for the last few years ... maybe I'll update that in 2013.  :)

January:  "The confusion is instant - the raw and palatable confusion where you know you're in trouble, but you haven't yet grasped just how much." 

February:  "My total daily dose of Humalog insulin varies between 23 and 34 units, depending upon if I'm correcting highs or consuming waffles (faffles) instead of eggs."

March:  "Monday morning, I woke up at a blood sugar of 82 mg/dL."

April:  "Tuesday night was hot."

June:  "I don't generally get mad at diabetes."

July:  "Oh, it's like what Cindy has!  That's what Cindy has!"

August:  "Over the last few years, there have been several company-sponsored events where people involved in diabetes social media are invited and participate in a variety of discussions."

September:  "I have family members with diabetes, but they don't take care of themselves," he said.

October:  "You have diabetes?  You seem fine."

November: "How old is your daughter?"

December: "We were sitting at the coffee shop having a really nice Melbourne cappuccino (they make the best cappuccinos I've ever had in my whole life, with the steamed milk almost like a marshmallow topping on each coffee - amazing), talking about the Australian diabetes social media summit."

Looking to recap your bloggy 2012?  Grab this meme and try it on for size!


I'm stealing this! I was in the middle of writing a very long post. You saved me. I also, need to start blogging a little more. :)

Bravo, Kerri! Looking forward to 2013 and another year of awesomeness from SUM :)

KERRI, I already wrote the LONG version! I needed this about 12 hours ago :]. Ah well.


But what happened to May?

It seems June is really from May, July is really from June, and July is missing... because August is August.
Not enough coffee? ;)

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