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Scenes From Berlin.

Pictures are serving as a few thousand words while I fly home.  :)



European Blogger Summit 


Hi Kerri,

just wanted to tell you that you have a huge fan of your blog here in Germany - you're an inspiration!

Can't believe that you were here in Berlin, I just saw all those pepole on the subway with name tags for the EASD 2012 :)

Keep on blogging and I hope you liked Berlin as much as I do ;)

I've been there! Well, a few times. Less than a year ago, actually, to see Incubus... though I didn't see much besides my friend's apartment and the arena since I left the next morning.

Und.. hattest du Spass?? (did you have fun?) (though that's probably wrong, my German's a bit rusty)

Looks like you had an awesome time!

Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to hear more!

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