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Chris bought Whoppers to hand out to the local trick-o-treaters.


No offense to those who wake up on Halloween morning, stretch their arms over their head, and yell, "I want the original malted milk balls in my mouth!" but Whoppers are horrible candies.  Right up there with Almond Joys and Werther's Originals as things to never, ever give out at Halloween.  That's the kind of candy that gets your house egged or your mailbox smashed. 

Reese's Peanut Butter cups are where it's at.  And candy corn - I know this might not be a popular one for many,  but I think candy corn is quality.  Three Muskateers.  Snickers bars.  M&Ms.  Starburst candies.  (Am I making friends or losing them by posting my favorite candies?  What, you guys don't like the creamy center of a Three Muskateers bar?) 

But we have a bowl full of Whoppers to hand out, because Chris and I were determined not to eat all the Halloween candy before the Big Day. I acknowledged his clever strategy when I came home and saw the bowl.

"Ah. Whoppers. Hmmm ... those are Whoppers."

He grinned.  "Exactly.  So we won't eat them."

"Good plan."  (I think we high-fived at this point.)

About a week later, I found myself at the store, worrying about the fact that I didn't have a Halloween costume for Birdy yet, or a pumpkin for the pumpkin carving contest that my best friend holds every year.  I feel like fall smacked me in the head with its sudden presence, even though I was still cleaning sand out of the beach toys in the back of my car.  (Scatterbrained?  Me.)

I thought about the Whoppers.  And how, growing up on a very quiet street in a very small neighborhood, Halloween wasn't a big event.  We never had anyone trick-or-treating at our door (except the one time my friend Krista showed up - Hi, Krista!!), so we rarely had candy to give out.  

Which is how I ended up with a bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in my shopping cart.  We have a neighborhood!  With kids that trick-or-treat!  Willpower - argh, willpower! - we were giving out quality candy, for crying out loud!


The Reese's Cups are safely nestled in the candy bowl, amidst the crappy Whoppers.  And I have yet to eat any of it.  (This is a real triumph for me, because Reese's Cups are to me what hamburgers are to Wimpy.  But once I pop, I can't stop.  And now I'm mixing up food taglines.)  I feel sufficiently Halloweaned from the temptation, and my blood sugars are thanking me for it.

Oh, and we grabbed a pumpkin, too.  We're properly prepared for Halloween now.

Happy Halloween, everyone!  Stay safe!!


I must be either a moron or completely sleep deprived... (not that they're exclusive) but I really thought you meant Burger King Whoppers until the second paragraph, and I was picturing him showing up with bags and bags of hamburgers.

LOOOVE! Happy Halloween!

Candies in milk chocolate versions hold no sway over me now. They used to, but then I got addicted to anything DARK chocolate. Dark Milky Ways, Dark M&M's, Dark Snickers, Dark Hershey's, Dark Reese's, even Dark 3 Musketeers (why does "dark" suddenly look spelled wrong when you type it several times? Tangent.)Yummmmmmmy. And the occasional Twizzler does me right, too. I won't waste insulin or a high sugar on anything less than perfection in my candy or food. I've been known to spit out things in nice restaurants if they didn't taste good enough. NIW=Not-Insulin-Worthy.

Hey, I LOVE Whoppers! :)

If you make a little hole in the chocolate with your tooth and keep it in your mouth long enough, you can eventually suck the insides out!! (This also makes for slower consumption)

Good for your bg that you don't actually like them - and pretty smart of that Chris dude...

...Oh, and I meant to say that your Jack-o-lantern looks like a muppet. Very inviting and non-scary.

Happy Halloween!!
- J.B.

I like woppers... and every other candy you mentioned, but I agree... Reese Cups are where its at :)

BTW... is that your pumpkin?? I might be a little jealous of your carving skilz.

I give out expired juice boxes...........
(just kiddin.....=)

I love all of that is candy, Whoppers included.

We both have to work this year. I resisted temptation and haven't bought any candy, although I feel like a scum bag for not handing any out!

My plan was to buy twizzlers though as I don't really like them all that much. Overall, however, there are very few types of candy that I won't eat. I have to be extra careful to resist temptation this year since I'm pregnant.

Reading this, I realize even more how little willpower I have because I can't stop snacking on the candy from the candy bowl... whoppers, twix, Reese PB cups, candy bars. Oh, man. And I'm afraid to look at Dex...

Candy corn is a vegetable, and therefore totally where it is at. The problem is when you add peanuts...which as legumes might have veggie status. I'm torn on that one.

I'm not a vegetarian, Nicole, so I would add gummy bears for my meat portion, along with the candy corn for a veggie, and throw in a popcorn ball for added fiber

I always FEEL like a nut. Almond is the only Joy for me (it is also my favorite milk, too).

GREAT strategy with the YUCKY candy!!(I hate whoppers too!) But show me a PB cup and ooohhhh damn!! Halloween starts the food crazies of the season. YIKES!

Whoppers are as bad as Nutella in my book. Yuck. :)

Oh I love Whoppers! Wish you were out here on the left coast - I'd be right over, lol! Werther's are a hit here, too. Too each his own... Have a fun evening with your little one!

Ha! I had the exact same thought as Colleen about Burger King.

I just bolused for a bunch of candy! No trick-or-treaters at this house so now I have a ton of leftover candy!

I love whoppers, And I love Reesie's peanut butter cups even more! I could eat Reesie's peanut butter cups all day, every day, if it were up to me. And chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Oh, of all people to have type I diabetes. Thank you,fast acting insulin!


I was stuck in MO last week due to Sandy.. just catching up now :)

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