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Vampire Cannula Redux.

Last week, my blood sugar numbers were great for a day and a half after a site change, but then they went off the rails.  Untouchable 200s that no bolus would bring down and only exercise was able to budge.  Usually, these stubborn highs are the fault of an infusion set issue, and sometimes I am just as stubborn as the highs, refusing to pull the site.

But this time, when I examined the site, I saw the pooling of blood, and figured there was a vampire cannula on tap.  (See also:  No kidding, because there normally isn't blood in the site.)

Suspicions confirmed.

And within an hour of the new site, I was back in range.  Funny how well insulin works, when it's able to get into your body.  ;)


These seem to be happening more and more frequently with me; biggest frustration with the d-betes lately.

This just happened to me! I thought it was jet lag but after sitting at 280 for hours this morning I changed my pod and boom--within an hour back to 131. Head, mood, body, all feeling 100xs better. Insulin is miraculous.

"Insulin is miraculous" When will we be able to "LIKE" comments on SUM? ;) I'm stubborn like you Kerri. I always want to believe that the site is fine.


This is One of the EXACT main problems associated with Diabetic Insulin usage... the Metabilization of our Insulin. It's primitive if you think about it? ... instead of coming from Inside-Out (like a normal Person) Ours comes from the Outside-In. Here are just a few factors affecting this: Infusion Site or Shot placement- is it near a Vein, Capillary, Fat, or Muscle? Is it Summer/Winter ~ Hot or Cold? Did you Exercise Right after administration of the Insulin? Did you Shower - if so, for how Long, and How Hot was the water to help metabolize and spread the Insulin? Are you Happy, Sad, Emotional, or Stressed? Do you have any bit of a COLD affecting your Immune system and Stress Hormones? Oh, and did I mention Hormones - ie- "Anti-Insulin," as my Endo use to call it! And Hormones are Dynamicly Variable in both Men and Women alike throughout the month, and ones life! I could go on and on, about how many factors there are affecting our Insulin form doing its job. Lastly, these Human or Synthetic Insulins on the US market are not Congruent to our own Body's Insulin Chemical Make up carbon bond chains! The Pharma Industry has lied over this and we have bought into it as the American consumer! ... These Humulin or Synthetitic Insulins are Biologically and Chemically DIFFERENT than our own Body's made Insulin- assuming we did not have Diabetes....

But you know what....it will do for now till things improve as they have continually over the last 90+ years in insulin and diabetes management

That is a TEXT BOOK image of a blood clot in an infusion set. You should send that to animas as a "beware" picture or something. Great capture!

I love this post and also love the grimy edges on the adhesive. Kerri Sparling, you're the real deal!

Also on par with the vampire cannula in terms of messing up blood glucose readings and causing overall annoyance: the bent cannula. Nothing says fun like a cannula that looks like a C and delivers about half as much insulin (and BONUS - it hurts a lot, too!).

Anybody's comments are RIGHT ON (particularly re: the fiction that has been created around synthetic insulins).

I've had three "bad" infusion sets in the past week or so! It wasn't always the set's fault - ie when I think I just sweated off the adhesive thingy that hold the cannula in the flesh. But TWO of them were from bent cannulas - the cannula was bent, resting on the surface of my skin, when I removed the infusion set. Don't know if I just held it at a strange angled when inserting ("Inset" set) or what - but very maddening when my blood sugars are sky high "without explanation," and then wasting all the consumables when I change out the set each time. Wonder if this is weather-related (hot and humid)? Or activity-related? (sweating off the adhesive, or physical gyrations causing blood to seep back into set)?

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