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The Friday Six: Phil Donahue.

The Friday Six:  June 15, 2012 editionThe weather here in RI (or so I've been told - haven't been home much lately to see for myself) has been decidedly un-summery, with rain and temperatures in the low 60's.  Which is why today, a day with sunshine on tap and the promise of reaching 80 degrees, is a good day to bunk off and go to the beach with the Bird. 

But first, some Friday Six links:

1.  Today is the last day for the public to vote for the DHF Seeds grant recipients.  There are some excellent projects up for consideration, and you can find out more/view videos/vote by "Liking" on Vimeo here

2.  Today is also the one year anniversary of Kim's You Can Do This Project, and in the last twelve months, this video project has served to inspire, empower, and rally the diabetes community.  Thank you, Kim, for creating something that truly makes a difference.  We love you!!

3.  I'm very happy to be home with the family, and it cracks me up that Birdy is keeping a running, slightly inaccurate mental log of where I've been.  "Mama, you took a plane?  From Californana.  And then you were in Pennsylvania."  "And where in Pennsylvania was I, Birdy?"  "Phil Donahue."  "Or ... Philadelphia - close enough, little Bird."

4.  Have you seen Snapseed?  It's a photo application for the IOS platform, and it makes photos look awesometown.  There was a promotion a week or two ago where you could download the app for free (thanks for the advice, Karen!), but it's definitely worth paying for, too.  It made a photo of the Grand Canyon that I took from an airplane look actually grand, from 36,000 feet up in the air. 

5.  And have you also seen this piece on A Sweet Life by Alex O'Meara, talking about Why Do People Get Diabetes?   This line alone is worth the read:  "One way to explain that disparity is that most people simply don’t believe diabetics deserve more investment in a cure. After all, they’re already getting what they deserve."  (Make sure you read the whole article before you form your own opinions about the writer.  ;) )

6.  And lastly, a friend of mine has a friend of his who was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  She's looking for the best resources for someone who's completely new, but in need of some support.  I'm more familiar with type 1 resources, so if you have advice/bloggers/websites/resources you can offer up for a newly dx'd type 2 in their early 40s, please share!

Time to grab the sand pails, sunblock, and Birdzone.  Off to enjoy as much of this summer as I can!


Your friend's friend should check out TuDiabetes. There are a lot of T2s on the site who could recommend more resources. :)

Great post by Alex O'Meara!

For anyone who thinks Type 2s cause/deserve their own diabetes, the NYT recently ran a great article detailing how, exactly, a geneticist came to develop Type 2:


And one of the best resources for newly diagnosed Type 2s is the Blood Sugar 101 website at:


Another great site for T2s is www.diabetesdaily.com (I think I got that right). It has been very helpful for me (another T2 in his 40s)

how does Bird know phil donahue? is she a little girl from the past? does she also like menudo?

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