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[D-Blog Week] My Fantasy.

Today's D-Blog Prompt "Today let’s tackle an idea inspired by Bennet of Your Diabetes May Vary.  Tell us what your Fantasy Diabetes Device would be?  Think of your dream blood glucose checker, delivery system for insulin or other meds, magic carb counter, etc etc etc.  The sky is the limit – what would you love to see?"

What do I really want?  A CGM that's smaller?  A meter that's more accurate?  Insulin that's faster and glucose-responsive?  A lancing device that's pain-free?  Cupcakes that lower my blood sugar with every bite?  One, single frigging cord I can use for uploading various diabetes data points?  A fountain of Diet Pepsi in my backyard that's sponsored by Ponce de Leon?  A sparrow that checks my blood sugar with a whisper-kiss?

Today, I want a cure for this disease.  A real-deal cure.  One that removes the necessity for all of the above-listed fantasies. 

Sky's the limit, right?

I realize this isn't the point of this prompt, but I don't care b/c after the low and then subsequent high I've had today, I'm a smidge spent.


I'm with you. My father had been told from I believe it as the age of 10-20 that 10 more yrs there would be a cure. He died at the age of 41due to complications from the diabetes. That was 37yrs ago. Shouldn't we be furhter ahead than this? PS I agree with all you said except for the diet Pepsi fountain...I still want that. LOL :-)

word. #thatisall

I'm glad you said this.

I've been killing myself all week, trying to think of my fantasy device, and really -- if I'm allowed to have a fantasy? -- that "device" is a cure.

That's it. Just to live some days like everyone else.

Okay, but if I can't get a cure I would definitely settle for the Diet Pepsi fountain!

Cara would love cupcakes over insulin to lower a bg any day :) and I would love a cure!!


I would love a cure but would settle right now for the Animas Vibe to just be approved in the U.S...come on...what is taking so long!

The devices we use now are much better than 40 years ago. Oh! that's right. We didn't have devices back then.

2012.... My idea would be a joy stick on our phones that helps monitors, tests, continoueuly monitors highs and lows. The software is able to calculate/or predict insulin demands based on energy utilization and food consumption and all the other factors that effect our BS.

Ohh !!!! thats right! Joy sticks were obsolete five years ago.

I would like a device that does everything. I want a phone/ CGM/ 60gb mp3 player/ camera (video & photo)/blood glucose meter that can fit in my pocket and do two or three functions at once. And it should look like any other electronic device, so no one need know I'm a diabetic until I test my blood.

Agreed 100%

LOVE the cupcake that could lower your blood sugar with every bite--how brilliant!! ;)

Right on. We are only six weeks into our nine and a half year old daughter's T1D, but a cure couldn't come soon enough. I think every day that the advances in technologies we have were carried on the backs of those with diabetes before us - and I am ever thankful to all of you. Still, a cure is what we want most.

Ugh, I want something that takes away your diabetes for a short period of time, so that I can not have it for a month or so, then have diabetes for about a week so I stop feeling sorry for my "human" problems. (sorry of that last comment offended anyone... That's just what me and my friends call it...)

yes! baby fist pump!

1. A cure
2. a surgical implant that converts carbs to glucose only enough to stay fit, healthy, and active, with no dietary restrictions , no weight gain., and no adverse complications.
Fantasy enough ????
sounds sort of like a tapeworm

Thank you.

As a person with onset T1 diabetes, I'd like the option to disagree one last time with my doctor that recommended the prescription that gave me this horrible disease.

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