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The Friday Six: Spaceshot Edition.

The Friday Six: February 24, 2012 edition. Also, it snowed?I'm all sorts of spaceshot, and headed to Philadelphia for the weekend (technically to Conshohocken, PA, where the Children With Diabetes Focus on Technology weekend is taking place), but I had some bits and pieces I wanted to share before bailing. What better way than a loooooong overdue Friday Six?

1.  My daughter is exercising her right to just say "NO!" (or, in her case, "No, no, no!"), and as a little extra added chaos, Chris decided to teach her to do the Dikembe Mutombo finger wag. It cracks me up because Birdy starts going all "No, no!!" and wagging her finger, and then he wags his, and the two of them almost fall over from Mutombo'ing. Is this normal?

2.  I wanted to share the new clip from Chris's upcoming film, ATM. Click here to check out the teaser clip, and know that I sleep with one eye open and have trained the Dexcom to alarm for low and high blood sugars, and also when Chris is writing something involving "it could happen to any of us" chaos ... so all the time? (And you can check out a little Chris-on-Chris discussion in a coming soon edition of Just Talking.)

3. In other "family" news, I love, love this post from George at Ninjabetic. Replacing a chair with an exercise bike is an awesome way to inspire a little fitness while checking out your favorite shows? He's making the switch for Lent, and I think it's a badass way to spend 40 days.

4. After a #dsma discussion this week with some friends from the DOC, I ended up waaaaaay down the rabbit hole on YouTube, catching one of my favorite Sesame Street clips of all time. The "yip yip" martians are awesome, but if you're not careful with said rabbit hole, you may end up stumbling upon one-eyed versions of Ernie and Bert taking street drugs. (Don't blame me - I voted for Kodos. Also, it was late at night.) 

5. Cupcakes from a box sometimes come out alright. (Even though I didn't try one for several days - I was making an attempt at willpower, and I didn't want to have to log a "cupcake entry" on my Kevin spreadsheet. Didn't stop Birdy from chomping one down, and throwing the Mutombo finger when I told her she couldn't have another one.)

Birds love cupcakes.

6. And this is not my fault. I just think he's hot - is that a crime??! Don't judge.

Happy weekend'ing!


Hi Kerri,

I immediately thought of Siah when I saw this story today about a woman whose newly adopted cat swatted her out of a diabetic crisis enough for her to yell for help:

I am glad you dig the living room switch. Casey is pissed off at me. He loved sitting in my lap while we watched Colbert. Now he just glares at me from the Chase. LOL

I should probably listen to that Buried podcast to prep. Also I cannot guarantee that Dayle and I won't start "yipping" during the next dsma. I need to oractice my teleporting through windows first :)

I'm actually in Conshoken pa, as I type gettig my taxes done.... Try to stay dry!!:) enjoy the conference!!

Have a fabulous weekend at the CWD Focus on Technology Conference. They are the best. The staff is fabulous and the presentations are the best. Learn something new everytime I go.

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