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From Abby: Diabetes and the Cuteness.

The other half of Team Tupperware takes a crack at her own vlog post, talking about how diabetes isn't always necessarily "cute," but the stuff we tote around with us can be.  (Also, there are some wise words about the power of zebra insulin.  You'll see.)

How do you personalize your diabetes ... stuff?


I write about this all of the time... having two cute little girls means that we have to have two cute sets of supplies! Ofcourse! And nothing is better than introducing your 8 and 10 year old to Coach or Vera Bradley or Dooney! They are already fashionistas:) Moral of the story, Diabetes can be dressed cute!

I love it! Diabetes actually gave me an excuse to buy a cuter (read: bigger) purse. If we have to carry it around with us, we might as well make it look good!

She is so wonderful. I have totally gotten down on all this black and gray boring diabetes stuff and was looking for a cute way to carry things. I found the smaller pouches from thirty-one gifts to be perfect for holding all my sugar tabs, raisins, crackers and snack junk and keep it from falling to the bottom of my purse, but her wristlet idea seems even better. I can grab one of those and throw the whole thing in the big purse when I need all the other junk that mommies carry and then just take the wristlet when it is just me and not worry I forgot something. Thank you!!!!

Where did Abby score the case for the One touch mini? I would like to find a green or blue one for my son! :)

I love Abby.

Where do you get your pump stickers from?

Abby - thanks for making me smile today! I am totally going to get me some zebra insulin as soon as I get my new pump :)

Sadly, no one makes those pump stickers for the Animas pumps, at least that I've found. Am I right?

Where do you get the dexcom skins? I've looked on the website and can't seems to find them....

What is black and white and cute all over?

A zebra with an insulin pump.

First thing: Great vlog! Happy to SEE you talk!

Second thing: I want to be trendy and healthy like you! But there are significantly more accessories that are girlie than manly. I guess it's hard to make a manly PURSE to put your d-stuff in, but I just want a nice sleek billfold looking thing to carry around. I HATE my current insulin/meter carrier. It looks like a little clutch purse. [end rant here]

Thanks for the vlog. Hope you do more!

This vlog made me so happy! Sparkles and cuteness!

Allison - the OneTouch rep at camp this summer had lots of samples so I snagged one... maybe call and ask?

Jennifer - skinit.com has tons of stickers for Minimeds, and you can make your own with your own pictures :)

Jana - Nope, I don't think Animas makes stickers, just those neoprene cases and such.

Jen - Call Dexcom, they don't sell them online for some reason. They also come in blue and white! (I really want both, maybe next paycheck ;) )

I need a new meter case as well as a pouch to carry some strips, glucose tabs, etc. Any suggestions on websites to get cute stuff? I WANT TO BE CUTE! haha

Love the vlog. While diabetes isn't cute, we can still have cute, neat cool equipment and bags, etc to carry our supplies in.

Abby is beyond cute. Love the ideas... I think this weekend we'll attack a few meters with some sparkly nailpolish.

Great video! I love it!

I've used Coach wristlets to hold my stuff since I was diagnosed! I love the size and durability of them. I also think it is fun to make stuff more cute. I have a pink pump now and used to have a pink meter too!

Oh my Lord.... NO ONE tell A that she can use her sparkly nail polish on her diabetes stuff!!!

Super cute!! Love it!

I used to decorate my accuchek compact plus with Disney Princess stickers (: Still trying to figure out what to do with my Freestyle, though.

Abby, you rock.

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