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First Impressions: VerioIQ.

Meter accuracy is a top diabetes priority for me.  Top.  I don't care if the meter is red or blue or made out of saran wrap and bleu cheese (actually, I would care about that because bleu cheese smells like crumbled up farts ... yes, it does), but if it's accurate and precise, I want in.  In the past, I've experienced a lot of frustrating variability with all kinds of meters, and nothing shakes my confidence more than seeing three different numbers IN A ROW from the same meter.  Chaos, defined, that is.

Thanks to the outreach of a PR company, on behalf of Lifescan, I received a first look at the new VerioIQ glucose meter.  And I am relieved, relieved, relieved.

When I was in California a few months ago, I spoke with the Lifescan team about life with diabetes and the impact of the diabetes community.  I also, in sidebar conversations, voiced my concerns about meter accuracy, precision, and overall "trustability."  During our discussions, the VerioIQ was mentioned, and I couldn't wait to see it for myself.

So when it arrived last week while I was in NYC, I couldn't wait to get home and crack it open. 

Pretty little thing.

First visual impressions:  It looks jazzy.  As Kim mentioned, this thing looks less like a glucose meter and more like an iPod.  At my friend's house last night, I whipped it out to test and she was all, "Hey, is that a new meter?" and I was all "Yup - interesting looking, right?" and she was all "It's way cooler than the other ones" and I was all "Holla."

Aside from a streamlined look and a really nice color screen, this meter has a light.  On the end.  Where the strip goes.  This development has been missing from One Touch meters, in my opinion, and is what made my experience with Freestyle that much better.  But the VerioIQ lights up, so even if you're testing in the middle of the night in the pitch dark with a cat weaving around your arms, you can see what's going on.  Very helpful.

Go towards the light!

I also like the way it charges; this meter has rechargable batteries, and I like that I can plug it into the wall and charge it up, instead of toting batteries around with me.  I'm not sure how long one battery charge lasts, but I'll find out soon.

UPDATE:  From the PR company, responding to some of our comments here:  "You mentioned not knowing how long the battery lasts.  FYI, when fully charged, the meter will perform tests for up to two weeks between charges.  The meter also provides several alerts when the battery is running low – this is to help prevent the situation you mention, being stuck without a charged battery.  However, if someone doesn’t charge the battery and the battery is completely discharged, you will not be able to test. 

If battery power is too low to do a blood glucose test, you can connect the meter (via USB or AC adapter, both included) for a 60 second rapid charge.  After the rapid charge, you will need to disconnect the meter from the wall outlet or computer before testing your blood glucose.  After testing, reconnect your meter and complete the charge."

Charging the One Touch VerioIQ

First strip impressions:  The strips that come with the VerioIQ are completely different.  They look like little golden pitchforks, and they are thinner than my other One Touch strips.  They also suck the blood in from the side instead of the top, which is a different adjustment.  And according to the Canadian Lifescan website, these strips have "SmartScan™ Technology [that] analyzes your blood sample 500 times to correct for common interferences and deliver precision with every result." 

Comparing the older One Touch strips to the VerioIQ ones.

Oh yeah?  I tested these strips against the Ping meter, the Freestyle, and my Dexcom CGM, and so far, so good. The VerioIQ is almost SPOT ON with my Dexcom trends, and repeat testing (three times in a row) hasn't showed me any uncomfortable variability.  The results are no more than 25 points from one another, and I'm hoping this is a trend that continues.

First overall impressions:  I want to like this meter.  I do like it so far, but I'm not one to jump on the "I LOVE THIS!" bandwagon without doing a little more (literal) testing.  Like I said, accuracy and precision are my most coveted bits, and I want this meter to be the gold standard.  I've been a One Touch user for a whole pile of years now, and my insurance also gives priority to this brand of meter.  (I know - making decisions based on insurance sucks, but if it supports a meter I like, I'll roll with it.)  I want this meter to help me make decisions that will help me improve my A1C.  I want this meter to represent true progress in blood glucose management technology.  Sure, it looks cooler and more in line with today's technology, but I want it to WORK. 

So far, I like it.  I hope this trend holds.  If it does, I'll build a special little house for the VerioIQ to live in, and I'll make it lunch every day.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  The PR company also reached out to confirm that the meter is FDA approved and is currently shipping to retailers, to be available to us in 4 - 5 weeks.  Rock and roll!!

[Disclosure time:  I received this meter for free, in addition to 50 test strips.  I was not asked to write about it, but I'm pretty sure they knew I would.  I'm okay with that.  My opinions about this meter, One Touch, and bleu cheese are all my own.  I have an existing relationship with Animas Corporation.  I also have one, small, gray cat that is for sale.  Any takers?]


sorry, I had to stop and wipe up the spill after "crumpled up farts" because my son proclaimed the other day as we were buying bleu cheese that he didn't want to walk next to the carriage because it smelled like farts. And that it was going to make the cookies smell like farts too. (el fudgo!) side note, bleu cheese butter is amazing on steak.

Anyway, I agree, a meter could look like crap for all I care - I want it to be accurate. How can we keep ourselves and our kids healthy if we're looking at numbers that sometimes look like they come from a RNG?

I'll be interested in hearing more about this!

A light is good, and not a screen one. I find that when a screen lights up in the dark, I cant see anything else at all, which makes getting a sample to the strip very hit and miss.
It's cute too.
What's the memory like?

Will it talk to pumps? And if so, which ones?

Oooh, I'm jealous. This meter looks cool, and I'm glad that it might be more accurate too. Now we just have to wait for FDA approval and for insurance companies to start paying for it :/

I was waiting for you to talk about this meter after the press release came out! I'm thrilled to hear it's accurate--finally!!

I, personally, like the way the other One Touch meters look (even my UltraSmart, which is ugly, but in a cool, techie sort of way), but like you said, anything for accuracy!

I didn't realize that it recharges and doesn't take regular batteries...not too thrilled about that, unless the batteries last for practically forever on one charge.

Also, could we maybe get pictures of the meter case? I know, I'm weird--but I'm curious to see what I might begin to tote around soon!

I'm very curious as to how long the battery charge lasts. Having to charge batteries very often would be an absolute deal-breaker for me. I can't even remember ever having to change my One Touch battery. I've had it for years. I'm on 'charging overload' for my numerous devices as it is.

If the little grey cat comes with free shipping / flight to Wisconsin, I'd be all for adopting a furry little critter...

Interesting. I wonder if It'll communicate with pumps. My teen currently uses One Touch Ultra Link that communicates with MM Paradigm 722. That would be nice

I have been a loyal One Touch user for 18 years. I love the look and the light and of course the idea that it may be more accurate. I am a little uncomfortable about having to charge it (I am always forgetting to charge my phone)but if it works well I am willing to live with it.
Thanks for being a guinea pig, AGAIN for us all Kerri.

Anyone know what the insurance coverage is for the strips? This is usually the clincher for most people.

Any idea when it is going to be released in the US?

Coolbeans! When you find our, let us know how long it holds a charge.

Kerri, this looks really interesting. Are you able to download the data off the meter? Is the recharging done with a standard USB (mini-,micro-) connection?

I do hope I can get my hands on one of these before long.

The VerioIQ has been available in Canada for about 5 months now. I've been using one for nearly 3 months. With regard to batteries, I test aprox. 6-7 times a day and I have recharged the battery 2 times since I've had it, and it does give you plenty of notice when it starts to run out. One very nice thing about this meter is that YOU can set what 'low' or 'high' reading is, b/c everyone is so different, I think this is a great feature..also I'm not a Johnson and Johnson or One Touch employee, so this is just totally my own opinion, but I would recommend getting one, checking it out.

Oh I wish mine had a light like that! I use the UltraLink now. Hopefully, they'll make one that communicates with the MM pump.

I've been using the Verio since november 24th and I love it BUT...it my third one since I started using it!! :( There is definetly a bug with that meter. Three of my T1 mom freinds experience the same error code. Life scan keeps on sending me a new meter every time something goes wrong with the one I'm using but still, it is the best meter yet ...when it works! lol

As the Mom of a 7 year old with T1D (dx age 18 months), I love the meter remote with Animas Ping but I wish there were more options with meter remotes because we want to use the remote feature, but in doing so we are forced into using the one touch meter, which is not my favorite. Hoping Animas will switch to Verio meter remote in the near future!
Its so hard waiting for technology to become available especially when we've been told it will be available soon for 2 years now! (the Animas Dexcom integration)

OneTouch is also the preferred brand on my insurance so I lean towards sticking with them.

Also, I like the "link" feature of my UltraLink. One less thing to do when bolusing.


Call me a sucker - the more I use my iPhone the more I like the idea of carrying around less devices and like the idea of using something that works with what we already own.

I'm for Golden Pitchforks!

Since the PR company appears to be reading these responses I still have concerns with the battery. I realize it can be charged and lasts up to two weeks, however there have been a lot of significant power outages here on the east coast this year and I think having a small disposable emergency battery option is important. I'm a procrastinator and would leave charging the meter to the last minute and I'd hate to be stuck in a storm with no meter option. Also I would like to know if the charger converts from 110v to 220v if I travel to Europe and need a charge.

I think it is great that the meter is so accurate and I love the light!

Ok Kerri, you have to ship this meter to me the minute you are done with it. I have been on the search for a camping meter that was rechargeable, had a decent light and that worked good. The only things you have not told me is what temperature it goes up and down too and also is it water resistant. You might be holding my holy grail of camping meter in your hands. I am emailing the company first thing in the morning.

The Verio is available here in Canada, and I've used mine for a couple of weeks. Aaannnnnd ... I'm going back to my UltraSmart. There's nothing heinously awful about the Verio — and the light is handy — but a couple of things get on my nerves. Like the recharging — I had to recharge it after about six days. It's irritating that the meter doesn't turn itself off when you remove the strip and that you have to hold down a button for several seconds to manually turn it off. I found the pattern identification sort of useful but a bit too primitive (especially compared to CGM data). The "tagging" feature is a pain in that it only lets you tag results relative to meals (and not, say, exercise), and if a reading isn't meal-related (like in the middle of the night), and you don't want it identified as pre- or post-meal, you have to go into the menu and turn off the tagging. As for accuracy, it seemed about the same as the UltraSmart — ie. fine, but not perfect. There were a few occasions when tests I did just a few seconds apart produced quite different results. Finally, this isn't exactly meter-related, but I thought the case was kind of crappy. I'm not able to fit a second strip container in there, to use as a little garbage can, and this, I must confess, was one of my deal breakers!

any idea on the cost of the strips? That's a deal-breaker for me :(

I want this, but it is too big, unless it is *way* more accurate than my ultra mini. The case *has* to fit in my pocket. (apparently this is a boy thing)

Wish the ultra mini had a blue blacklight and strip light. and was smaller.

Looks like the VerioIQ is $70. (mini is under $20)

It sounds wonderful...do you have any idea of what it will cost? And the strips? I also would like a far more accurate meter but cost also matters, unfortunately...look forward to learning if the consistency of the readings hold...

Wow - looks really interesting. I like how it looks, but maybe not as much as I like my Nano.. Do you have any idea what the sample size is like? I'd love a meter with a smaller sample size which doesn't compromise on accuracy.

From an environmental and financial point of view, I love the idea of rechargeable batteries. From an overprepared worrier's point of view, it freaks me out that they could conceivably run out where I can't recharge (right now I carry spare batteries with me just in case). I'd like to have something else available for back-up, but I'd also probably learn to trust it not to die on me after a while.

All in all, looks pretty good. I wonder when/if it's out in the UK..


I've just received this meter for free (in Canada). There is a promo right now - just call their customer service.

I have not yet started to use the meter - i have 2 favourites already. IF they would combine this new design with the AccuChek Mobile, I'd be ALLLL over it!

R :)

VERY concerned about the instructions in the user guide that states "Do not (in bold) use this meter near cell phones....."

I (mostly!) trust my teen to check but now I need to trust him to turn off his cell phone before he checks?

How did this get through the FDA with this kind of instruction for use?

This meter sounds interesting. But I don't like that it has different strips than my other one touch meters. We use his ultra link at school and home and switch to mini's for other activities. I like that we can use different meters but have the same strips.


I have just had this meter come through to me. I really like it, I wonder how you got on with it ?


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