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The Year In Review: 2011.

I like this meme, and apparently I also like this image, because I've used it a bunch of times.  :)I like this meme because it lets me poke around in the archives of the last twelve months, and reminds me of what's been on tap since January 2011.  Here we go: the first lines of a definitive post from each month in 2011.

January: "Over the holidays, my husband and I had the opportunity to join his agent (who happened to be in town) for dinner."

February:  "I scrolled through this Sunday's PostSecret and this postcard submission jumped out at me because I saw diabetes written in invisible ink underneath that frosting."

March: "It's been well-documented that my coffee addiction is ... substantial."

April:  "One year ago today, the best little write-off ever was born."

May: "Dear Littler Me, I wish you'd known you weren't alone."

June:  "During the Joslin medalist meeting last week, I didn't say anything."

July:  "Lead by Korey Hood and Stefan Rubin, the Parenting with Type 1 Diabetes session at Friends for Life was aiming to touch upon the different challenges of being a parent with type 1 diabetes, instead of the concentration on parenting a child with type 1 diabetes that Children With Diabetes was once known for."

August: "A few years ago, I was talking with (or was I actually hanging out with?) Faye from SugarBump."

September:  "What I've learned in the last twenty-five years with type 1 diabetes:"

October:  "I grabbed the Dexcom receiver from my purse and gave the button a quick click while I was standing in line for coffee, checking the graph and noticing the single "What UP!" arrow pointing my blood sugar up from 146 mg/dL."


December: "Rounding out "Awkward Week," my mother reminds me of this story every time we go out to dinner."

Need a meme to help you recap 2011? Grab this one and run with it!


I always look forward to this post. :)

"It's been well-documented that my coffee addiction is ... substantial."


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