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Myabetic: The Champ.

A few years ago, I connected with Kyrra Richards, creator of Myabetic, to highlight the completely adorable "Lovebug" meter case.  She and I have talked a few times since, and I had the opportunity to reconnect with her at the Diabetes Sisters conference in San Diego back in October.

It was at that conference that I was able to check out her new project, Champ, in person.  And it's totally cool, in that "hey, let's make my glucose meter case something that doesn't suck" sort of way.  I love it.  

I asked Kyrra what the inspiration for Champ was, and she had this to say:

"We wanted to create a colorful supply case that captured the energy and active spirit of children with diabetes.  The Champ reminds kids that diabetes doesn't limit their ability to have fun and play.  Run, jump, and don't be afraid to get dirty - just make testing time part of the game plan.  Warm up your muscles, tie your sneakers, and test your blood sugar.  I know the Champ will excite young sports fans and create a positive association to their diabetes care.  This shift in perception is the reason I started Myabetic - I want children (and all of us living with diabetes, for that matter) to feel special, unique, and proud of our ability to control our health."

The Champ!!
Exterior of the case

The Champ!  Yes!  This alt text is strikingly similar to the previous alt text!
Interior of the case :)

Hell yes.  Kyrra and her team have continued to inspire me, and I really love her work as an alternative to that boring, black, standard, yawn-inducing meter case. 

Visit the Myabetic website to score some great holiday deals, and thanks, Kyrra, for everything you do!


That is crazy expensive. I love the idea of diabetics designing packs but at that price you can get a real nice name brand bag.

I ordered one of these for my cousin's daughter, who was recently diagnosed. The family has felt under-supported and while I don't understand diabetes, I want to show support in whatever way(s) I can. Thanks for sharing.

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