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My Great Canadian Adventure.

Over the weekend, I was in Toronto, ON for the Animas Type 1 Update event at Mount Sinai. This was my first time meeting the Animas Canadian crew, and only my second time to Toronoto, but it did confirm that Canadians are a nice bunch.

Part of my presentation was about our diabetes online community, and how I got involved, and it amazes me how universal the language of diabetes truly is.  Regardless of where I am and who I'm speaking with, our "terms" make sense across the board.  (Except when it comes to mmol and mg/dL.  I think I sounded like a crazy person in front of the Canadian audience when I was talking about being happy seeing a 100 on my meter.  Also, "millimols" sound like a tiny group of adorable vermin running around.  Like mini moles.  And thus ends this mental digression.)

The Animas Canadian heroes ... and a few rogue Americans thrown in there.

The Animas Canadian heroes are an amazing bunch, including Mike Fisher (you have to read his story about amputation and then a diabetes diagnosis ... not what you think), pilot-in-training Lindsey Carswell, and competitive kart racer Chase Pelletier.  I'm always proud to see fellow PWD doing their thing and bringing diabetes along for the ride (whether it wants to come or not ;) ).

Sandy Struss (from Animas Canada) and me.

And I was so happy finally meet the Animas Canada marketing manager, Sandy Struss.  You can read her columns at Sandy's Corner on the Animas.ca site - she's easily the happiest person I've ever met in my life, and it was awesome to finally connect in person after months of emailing and phone calls.

Thanks, DOC, for being a constant source of inspiration and great people to talk about.  And thank you, Canada, for hosting this Rhode Islander, and I'm looking forward to the next Canadian adventure!!

[Disclosure:  The team at Animas Canada provided my travel, lodging, expenses, and honorarium for this event.  And I forgot to include this disclosure when I posted this blog entry earlier today.  I am late.  I am sorry.  I've got legs.  Do you like bread?]


Hi Kerri,

Sandy Struss is a supper happy person. her happiness is contagious.

She is what I imagine you to be in real life.

Thanks for saying that Canadians are a nice bunch! Ya know... you're not that far away from us! :p

Hope you had a fun time "up here"! :)

Hi Kerri,

It was fantastic meeting you. I loved your presentation, it was a great mix of humour and inspiration.

Please come back!


Canada LOVES you Kerri!!! ;0)

oh i wish i had known you were in Toronto. i live about an hour and a half from there. would have loved to meet up with you!
perhaps another time.

When in Canada it is almost like the USA!

Hi Kerri,

It was great to meet you and you put on a great presentation. Very inspiring and yet totally down to earth.

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