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Invisible Diabetes.

Today is No D-Day.  So instead, we had an I Can Haz Cheezburger moment with the Bird in the backyard. 

Exhibits A and B (but not D):

Invisible guitar ... rock out, girl!!!!

It almost looks freaking REAL. 

I'm off to San Diego for the Diabetes Sisters: A Celebration of Strength, where I plan to rock out on an invisible guitar for the majority of my trip. :)


Perfect! I forgot to change my CGM and tend to act like I'm cured on days without it! No D-Day for me (but I'll still be administering insulin (an I-word) so I don't get out of the habit... ;-) happy weekend and have a great trip!

Have fun in San Diego (you said the D word).

But I wish you were headed to Kansas City!!

Holy COW! SHE IS SO GROWN UP!!! adorable! You are a fantastic mother and person:)


AHAHAHAMAZING!!! have a great weekend! :)

Cool Bill and Ted/Wayne's World moment.. go the Bird :)

ROCK ON, birdy!!! :)

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