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How About a Little Fondant with Your Pump?

When I opened the email from Kristie and saw this picture, I laughed out loud at the irony.  Her beautiful daughter, Ava, has type 1 diabetes and recently went on an insulin pump.  So when her tenth birthday rolled around and she asked for a birthday cake in the shape of her Ping, Katie made it happen. 

Estimated at 55 grams of carb.  PER SLICE.  :)

"Doesn't that fit the definition of irony?" Katie asked in her email. 

Between Ping cakes and Novolog cake pops, I think the Cake Boss has some stiff competition in the DOC.  :) Thanks for sharing your photo, Katie, and happy birthday to Ava!!


I love it.

That's awesome but it looks like it is about time to change the battery ;)

So funny. I was just watching Cake Boss last night and I wondered what kind of diabetes cake he might make. Maybe something like this one! Great!

I want one for my 30th d-versary this year!!! :)

Yay! That is awesome! Today is my 29th bday, and I think for my 30th, I am going to have to request a pump cake :)

Awesome cake!!

That is so cool. I am asking my husband for one! lol

This is crazy! My friend Carin's daughter Ava, (same name as the cake!)is type 1 and celebrating her birthday today. :)

My daughter and I made one for a pump'n pool party to celebrate when she first got her pump. It looked a lot like this one, but pink :) (it was also a back to school party) Fun stuff!

Just the fact that Ava requested a pump cake …! Blows me away! Happy Birthday, Ava!

Hey! I have a little type 1 Ava, also!

the tubing! THE TUBING!!

LOVE it. Great job!!!! The tubing is a nice touch! ha!! Happy Birthday, Ava!

My daughter, Taylor, has diabetes and I just showed her the cake. She is 6 and has a ping. I wasn't sure what she would say, but in her typical Taylor style she looked at the cake and said: "That is totally awesome!" I admire and look up to her every minute of every day. Thanks for sharing :)

diabetes and all, this was just icing on the cake.

That is SO COOL and creative!!!!I think I want one for my D-day! Maybe there's a way to get one sooner......hmmm....

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