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Low Carbz.

From the old LOL Diabetes site

Ur doin it wrong.


Too funny! Cheese is my favorite low-carb food.

That cat is too funny! What did she do to make you throw a piece of cheese at her? (I think it's a waste of my favorite love carb food, though!) :-)

LOL! However, it would not have stayed on Blanche's head long enough to get a picture. I want to know how you managed to get the picture!

I don't know what's wrong here. Clearly she is a Green Bay fan and is, therefore, a Cheesehead!

LOL at these comments!! This isn't a photo that I took, and it's not one of my cats. It's originally found here: http://www.nastyhobbit.org/forum/cats/cheez_doing_it_wrong.jpg

(Actually, that's not the original image. The original one is from the ICHC site, but this is the right image. Am I explaining this correctly? It's late. I'm exhausted. :) )

This rules... I so need to investigate whether my Shadow Cat likes cheese now.

When I eat cheese - so do my cats (we love our calcium). Wait - my name is FatCat - what am I saying - I'm a cat - I love cheese!!!

OMG this made me laugh so hard I was brought to tears! I may just be tired, it may just be close to that time of the month, or it may be because it seemed randomally placed after reading the posts that came after this! Whatever the case,
(Oh and you rock! congrats on 25 years and hope the eyes are better!)

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