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Halloween, Diabetes, and Wabbits.

Halloween (yes, it's a smidge early for this, but bear with me) is awesome, but can be a tricky time for people with diabetes.  Here are a few tips on trick-or-treating, saving candy for lows, and how to make use of that orange jumpsuit even after you've finished your time in the clink.

And thanks to the crew at Animas for their tolerance for my weirdness.  ;) (Also, for those of you on Twitter who have been wondering where on earth my avatar came from, this explains it.)


For the record, I do have a Red Riding Hood cape hanging in my closet . . .

That video was amazing!!! And so true. I used to love dipping into my kids' Halloween stash, but now I just have to practice that moderation. Also I have an excuse for taking the really, really good stuff. "But Mommy can only have a little candy, so can't she have that super-megga-awesome piece???"

haha love it! I've never understood the American Halloween tradition of wearing any fancy dress costume, as in England you are supposed to dress up as something scary, ghost, goblin, witch, vampire, zombie etc etc No wonder I don't have a spare red riding hood lying around :-P

You kill me. I don't know what I liked more, "My poor kid." Or your comments on the awkwardness as I am going to call it of SF candy! Thanks for the smile today.

You are such a nerd!

I have a peep costume in closet.

Also, I was diagnosed less than 2 weeks after Halloween. I blame all that candy for kicking me into full-gear sickness.

The grocery store IS awkward! I hate it! I have to say though, Halloween candy is now usually like 10g, which is easy to count up as you scarf it down :)

Thank you for the laugh this morning! I think you're wonderful. Such a joy to read your blog and watch your videos. Thanks, Jen

Yeah, I pretty much love this. And the avatar just got slightly less creeptastic.

Oh lord!!!! You crack me up!!!!

you are too funny! my parents did the same. get the motherload of candy and then fork it over to my brother and cousin in exchange for non-edible funness.

As someone who only gets a handfull of kids at the door on Halloween, I try to give out super-awesome candy bags. However, that means buying as much candy as you would for 77 kids, rather than the 7 I'll get. Yesterday, I was out shopping and saw (and snagged!) some great deals on things like chalk & bubbles being sold at clearance prices!!! yay! So my trick or treaters will get in on those deals! AND I WON'T BE TEMPTED to eat that! :p

That was AWESOME! Best vlog EVER! I love halloween!

Hysterical! I'm jealous that your brother actually "bought" your candy. My bro is 13 years older than me (aka in his 20s when I was really getting into trick or treating) and I had to just hand it all over to him. (Not that I'm still bitter...not at all...)

haha. I totally loved that little sneaky bit at the end. LOL.

Love this! This Halloween will actually make my daughter's 6th Diaversary....yes, that's right, she was diagnosed on Halloween! We actually make it quite the celebration. We save the "good" candy for "special" treats and lows and I bring the rest to my office to share with co-workers...and she gets a "prize" (an inexpensive toy) for trading in the portion of her loot.

I can't wait to eat Halloween candy, you kiddin' me? (For fun and to treat lows -- Fun Dip is THE BEST. It's 15g a bag/stick!)

The mask is still freaking me out.

The best part about Halloween? Buying all of the leftovers at the grocery store the day after for 50-75% off! I get my supply of "low snacks" for the year really cheap!

Thank you so much for this awesome post! I was diagnosed on Halloween day, so I always remember it...er...fondly...especially getting dressed up in an elephant costume with my hospital roommate for a party at Children's Hospital. How cool is that???

For the record, your costumes rock.

cute! ;)

Thank you!!!!!!! I just showed this to my 6 year old daughter who was diagnosed 6 months ago (we celebrated her 6 month diaversary with cupcakes!) Halloween is scary for type 1 moms I am so grateful for all you do...you give me so much inspiration. My goal in life when I am able is to give back to the community like you have done for me :)

Kerri!! Very, very ~ CuTe!!

Moderation? I'm a student now so that's gone out the window. Tomorrow I feast on curry and beer. Maybe a kebab or something like that later in the week. Spot the student. What's worse is I'm also a student nurse. Nurses have something of a reputation with alcohol here. I wouldn't want to let the side down now would I?! Interestingly, in the UK there is virtually no trick or treating in comparison with the States. I never did it as a kid nor would my parents have let me probably. Then again, we Brits to get Guy Fawkes night a few days after... As for costumes, this year I am at FFL in England, a set of surgical scrubs I stole from where I used to work will be handy...

The grocery store was awkward.

I love you for making me laugh out loud! I usually bribe Jessica with a new toy or cash. Whichever makes it easier. But we put away her favorites for lows. Last year my husband took the rest to work so we wouldn't eat it all.

What great suggestions for type 1s and parents! I would have never thought of selling the candy... I'm sensing a lucrative deal. Great costumes too!

I was 12 so trick or treating was already kinda out the door. For Christmas my mom stuffed my stockings with sugar free gum instead of candy, which I always thought was cool.

The mask is scaring me.

The one thing I'm looking forward to is Halloween Trick-or-Treating with BabyK. Hopefully to start a tradition much like your parents - dressing up and giving non-candy treats! (The Playdoh is an awesome trick-or-treat gift!) I used to get gum. To this day, I still can't stand plain-flavored pink bubble gum because no one knew what else I could have, so I would get tons of it! :-)

my kid got to this vlog before me and she INSISTED i sit down with her and watch it. :D

Great Vlog !! Here in Australia trick it treat is taking off in the family suburbs -we decorate our house too & try and scare the kids that come. Last year was my 9 yr olds 1st Halloween since dx & I was so concerned that he would want to eat at least a few on his "rounds" that I gave him a bit more insulin at dinner -but he didn't want to eat ANY.. & went low while trick or treating.....& felt so crap he wanted to go home :( I'll know better this year

This. Is. Great!!

Love it! Totally understand. My diabetes anniversary is February 14th.

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