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Bar Harbor 2011: Giant Spider Edition.

Every year, Chris and I pile our backpacks into the car, hope gas prices are low and traffic volume follows suit, and we make the long trek up to Bar Harbor, ME.  I don't know what it is about this little part of Maine that makes us return every summer (or fall, depending on moving and babies and other Sparling-type chaos), but we love it. 

Our days usually start at the 2 Cats Restaurant, where the food is endlessly awesome and they actually have two cats trotting around the place.  I like that.  They named it 2 Cats and they meant it.  I admire their commitment to Sparkle Motion.

In Acadia National Park, we found this staircase leading down from the main Park Loop road to a beach lined with sea-polished rocks.  Like others before us, we built some creatures (like this majestic ... rock rat) and we also saw a giant unicorn horn

We took some photos to prove that we were there.  (Only we don't have any photos together - such are the perils of traveling as a couple in a national park, without a place to set the camera and attempt the awkward self-timer shots where one of us is always blurry from running to make it into the shot.)  Basically, it looks like I went to Bar Harbor by myself.

Chris and I explored a lot of little side trails, sometimes ending up down a hillside and wondering how to get back up.

We also did the Jordan Pond hike, which is a really walk around the pond and then back to Jordan Pond Tea House for popovers and tea.  Only during the course of our walk, I saw the biggest freaking spider I have ever seen in my life.  I can't post a photo of it on here because I do not want to visit my own blog and see it.  But I did put it on Flickr.  Consider yourself warned - it's MASSIVE!!

Diabetes-wise, it was not an ideal trip.  Our full day at the park started with a low blood sugar (<60 mg/dL) that didn't give up for over three hours.  I spent the majority of the morning drinking juice and thrashing through test strips in efforts to keep tabs on my plummeting numbers.  Then, of course, the rebound high kicked in a few hours later, leaving me between 180 - 220 mg/dL for another few hours.  It was frustrating, and it kind of wiped me out.  I didn't have the energy to attempt some of the tougher climbs and hikes because I was drained from such a long low.  I was kind of bummed out about it, to he honest.

When we were on the rock beach, I saw that many of the rocks were this blue-ish, gray shade, all polished and nice and waiting to be united for diabetes

I took out my diabetes frustrations on the rocks, piling them up and appreciating the pun.  Because PWD, and the people who love them, rock.

[Looking for more photos that look exactly like other photos I've taken in Maine?  ;)  Check out the Flickr set!]


Love!! One year we'll have to meet up with you there with the bird and the cricket for some family time. Of course.....that is only if birdy promises not to snack on cricket...

You want to talk massive spiders? I'll tell you about massive spiders.

There are these things (for lack of a better word) that find their way into my house. They're HUGE (as in, they don't fit under a cup most of the time, even if you could catch them) and they JUMP. Like, if I didn't know any better, I'd say they were frogs. They can jump up to three feet in the air, and they make this horrible clicking noise when they do. Every time I see one, I completely FREAK OUT and someone else has to deal with them! Oh, and have I ever mentioned that I hate spiders above all bugs???

Anyways, the rock rat was cute, the unicorn horn was cool, and the Blue Circle? Totally awesome!!!! I especially love that color. Me being the geeky college student that I am, I have to wonder what chemistry reaction makes those darned rocks so blue...

Sounds like a great place to visit! Speaking of your dilemma with the camera, you can get a tripod that attaches to the top of a water bottle and put the camera on it for self-timed pictures - just saw it in Parents magazine and thought it was brilliant! I think it's about $10 at uncommongoods.com (I think that was the website).

Popovers, makes the hike fly by. Love Maine.

Was just there for my honeymoon! Wedding was complete with an SUM-inspired pocket in my wedding dress for my pump! Only one low during the reception :-)

We recommend The Great Head Trail near Sand Beach. There really is a trail, don't scale the cliffs like we did and run into it accidentally...unless you're looking for a challenge :-)

That spider? Is horrifying. I so wish I had not clicked on it. But the blue rocks? Awesome. I so would have come home with a bag of them, which is illegal, I think?

ok, so i HATE spiders, but i had to click. i wish i hadn't! i named him BORUS.
it seemed to fit :/
i just love the blue rocks! sounds like you had a fabulous time!

Holy God, I would have died. That thing looks like an alien. Otherwise, beautiful shots of a beautiful place and beautiful people.

I was just about to add Maine to our list of places to visit when we treck (well, fly) from Australia to the East Coast at the end of the year. And then I saw that spider. Shouldn't have clicked!

Beautiful spider!

She's a Dolomedes fishing spider - which does happen to be Maine's largest spider! They are actually very shy and non-venomous to humans.

I'm a total nature nut, and Insects, snakes, and the like don't make me nervous at all ... In fact, I love them! BUT, I still remember the first time I saw a fishing spider. I was "down at the creek" catching minnows and salamanders with my dad when I apparently startled one of these guys that had been under a pile of leaves. It came flying out torwards me running across the water - they can walk on water, and dive underwater! It had to be at least 3 inches, which is GIANT for a spider. I screamed and ran like a little girl.

Loved the pics! I've always wanted to visit Bar Harbor...though had no idea about all the giant creatures running around, lol. Thanks for the beautful pics, I adore the D rocks. :)

my father, aged 17 and ranked as "boy" in the British navy jumped ship in New Brunswick and crossed the border into Maine in 1919. He pitched up at Bar Harbor and worked for a local man for a good few years. Why I don't know but he was reported as an illegal and deported back to England via Ellis Island. After his death I visited Mount Desert Island not to research but to experience something of his life. It remains one of the most beautiful places I have visited in what has been my long wanderlust of a life. Standing on top of Mount Cadillac on a freezing November dawn I'd like to think he and I shared the same vision.


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