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Three Blind Mice.

My godfather is known for his ability to find the quirkiest, most remarkable little gifts, and now that I have a daughter of my own, that tradition is extended to her.  For my baby shower, he gave me a "three blind mice" puppet to entertain BSparl with.

It seems simple at first - just a red box with a removable lid:

Three blind mice.  Three blind mice.  They're in this box.  They're in this box.

But inside lives these three blind mice (finger puppets), and you can make them dance by putting your hand in the secret glove.  BSparl loves this puppet.  She toddles over to me with it in tow, and claps and laughs when I make the mice jump out of the lid:

They all went after the farmer's wife!  Who must have done something to deserve that strife!

But clearly I need to wash my hands after testing my blood sugar before I play with this toy, because I managed to wipe a little DNA on the liner inside of the puppet:

Did you ever see such a sight in your life as three blind (DNA-stained) mice?

Diabetes, you have a way of working yourself into the strangest little places. 


Looks like an upside down happy face. :)

Holly - That means my blood sugar must have been the coveted "104 mg/dl" when I tested. ;)

This is why my T1 son has a red blanket! Hides those blood drops. :-)

The first thing I thought of when I saw the blood drops was the upside-down smiley face! And that is the CUTEST toy!!!!

Are you sure the blood is not from cutting off their tails with a carving knife?

Can you believe we have that same thing!?! Got it from a neighbor for a Christmas tree ornament.

Love the puppet. And the blood stain is mysterious and fascinating. It might even be called... "The Shroud of T(ur)1(n)"

I used to have a white keyboard and mouse, but they got so stained with blood samples from "leaky" fingers I went to black. Very cool toy! I bet you have as much fun playing with it as she does watching.

looks like my bed sheets....

I always find my blood in odd places too...lol shoes, clothes, sheets...I guess we need to wipe better after testing for sure! I love the three blind mice though! So cute!!

what a fab godfather! i agree it looks like a smiley face. :)

What an awesome toy :)

I think we find drop stains in the most bizarre places!

A little dab of hydrogen peroxide and it's good as new!

(But I know you totally know that.)

When I saw the title 3 blind mice, I held my breath thinking you were have another eye issue...

putting your DNA into them makes them yours...

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