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Overheard: The Mothership.

My alien transmitter, which speaks directly to the mothership.  Clearly."Mom, that lady has special powers and is an alien.  I know because I saw her alien transmitter in her pocket and it has wires and it talks directly to her body using that tube.  I saw it.  She can't hide from me because I saw it and it looked that's how she communicates with the mothership but she's safe and she didn't seem scared, right?"

It's at that point that I felt the need to explain to the eight year old boy's mother that it was an insulin pump.


Oh the innocence and imagination of a child! Love it!!!

That is super funny!!

I totally love that. But, if I were you, I probably would have done increasingly weirder and weirder stuff...like put pop rocks in my mouth and pretend to talk to him...

OMG! That has got to be the cutest thing EVER!!

Oh, my gosh, that's just too cute! I remember thinking that everything had some weird/cool back story to it and it made the world such a fun place. Oh, the unbridled imagination of a child!

(And BTW, I remember thinking that my neighbor's insulin pump was a pedometer. Communication devicde for the mothership is WAY cooler.)

I love it! Aren't kids and their imaginations great?

*rotfl* This got the biggest laugh from me in quite awhile. :)

That is awesome! Kids say the darndest things don't they? ha ha

That's hysterical! But Ker, you DO have special powers and your pump IS how you communicate with the mothership. :-) the kid even realized that your device affords a sense of comfort....I love it! And may start referring to myself as an alien too!

That is a MUCH more entertaining guess than "pager". :)

That is seriously awesome.

I'm not sure I would have been so generous -- I probably would have tried to freak the kid out more. I don't know what that would have consisted of, but I'm pretty sure I would have made and ass of myself.

That's incredibly awesome! I would have gone up and said," Take me to your leader." Or: "I like your planet, human." I wonder what he'd do if another PWD came over and did a pump bump. He would've fallen over... :))

What's weird is I HAVE been communicating with aliens thru my pump.

Smart kid. ;)

Mmmm hmmmm, that's what you keep trying to tell us. But I secretly know you really are communicating with aliens on the mothership with that thing!! Which explains why you tend to run out of time for your email inbox. :P (PS: I swear, that last sentence is purely meant in jest - not as a nagging episode!!)

I was once checking my blood glucose and licked the blood drop on my finger after testing only to hear a small child nearby stage whisper 'Mummy, is that a vampire?' I felt the need to jump in and explain too! :)

Gotta love 8yr olds!! :)

I can not wait to read this to my 8 year old daughter who started the pump last week. She is going to belly laugh.

You can't make this stuff up!

I absolutely LOVE this. :)

I totally LOVE this! I so needed that laugh...and some of the comments are priceless too!

That is awesome!!! I may try telling people that the next time! I love coming up with crazy stories!!!

And this is why I love diabetes...

No, dont love diabetes, but this is truely why I love the DOC7

That cracked me up!!!!

Oh. My. God. That is an amazing anecdote.

When my son, in his 20's first saw a pump on me, he called me the Bionic Woman. But I'd REALLY rather be an alien! :-)

I had a 6-year old girl ask about my Dexcom sensor once, and I explained, but finished with "and also it makes me a robot", an explanation she totally accepted and repeated to various adults for the rest of the evening.

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