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The Coveted Dexcom/Animas Hybrid.

Clearly, the United Kingdom has the edge on us this morning, because they're getting the Animas/Dexcom "hybrid" before we are. 

I received this press release in the wee hours of the morning today (Oddly enough, I was awake when it came in.  Blogger zombie mode.), and I am very excited to see when this technology will be available in the US.  Here are the details (and you can also read the full release).  From the release:

"Animas Corporation announced today the receipt of CE Mark approval for Animas® Vibe™, the first and only continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)-enabled insulin pump system with Dexcom G4™ CGM technology.  Animas® Vibe™ brings together the unique features of an Animas® insulin pump and the convenience of Dexcom CGM, which is the only sensor approved for up to seven days of wear.
As a CGM-enabled system, the Animas® Vibe™ insulin pump functions as a receiver for the Dexcom G4™ Sensor.  The system delivers real-time glucose information, alerts for high and low readings, and glucose trend information, enabling patients to make more informed decisions to help control their disease*. Unlike currently available CGM-enabled pump systems, Animas® Vibe™ displays glucose trends in colour [Editor's note:  Awww.  The "u" in color!] and is waterproof.**"
Animas Vibe with the Dexcom G4:  Want.

Two sites, one device?  I'm digging it.  According to the release, the Animas Vibe is offering the following features (all copy pulled from the release, including the extra u):

  • "The latest technology available from Dexcom – Dexcom G4™, a tiny, round and flexible sensor with the smallest introducer needle as compared to Abbott Freestyle Navigator® and Medtronic Sof-Sensor®
  • Advanced high-contrast colour pump screen technology, that displays glucose trends with coloured arrows and lines showing where and how fast glucose levels are shifting
  • Dexcom sensor technology approved for up to seven days of wear, delivering more days of CGM data than those approved for a shorter duration
  • Waterproof durability up to 12 feet (3.6 metres) for 24 hours for the insulin pump, with a Dexcom G4™ Transmitter that is waterproof at 8 feet (2.4 metres) for 24 hours
  • Customizable alarms to indicate high and low glucose levels including a hypo-safety alarm fixed at 55 mg/dL (3.1mmol/L)
  • Low basal increment (0.025 U/hr) across all available ranges (0.025 U/hr to 25.00 U/hr) for precise dosing
  • Compatibility with Diasend® communications software, enabling patients to store, review and print both CGM and insulin pump data"

As both an Animas and Dexcom user, I'm very excited for when this technology becomes available in the United States. I spoke with Caroline Pavis, Director of Global Communications at Animas, about the timeline, and she had this to say:  "Bringing Animas Vibe to the U.S. and Canada continues to be one of our highest priorities.  Our goal is to submit Animas Vibe for approval in these countries as quickly as possible.  We anticipate filing with the FDA and Health Canada in 2011."

Come on, FDA.  Let this one roll through quickly!!  I can't wait to give this a go!


Hmmm, that looks like a good option for when it's time for Brendon to switch pumps. He's still using the Cozmo.

I. Want.

As a current Medtronic pump+CGM user, I would seriously consider switching.

I've been waiting to see this! I can't wait to get one...I'm up for a new pump in the next 18 months, so I'm crossing my fingers. I adore my Dexcom but hate carrying the receiver around!

Oh man, the Dexcom isn't even in Canada yet. I just spoke to my Animas rep last week and she said it could be a couple years before the Dexcom (and the integrated pump) come to Canada! ARGH! It is so ANNOYING that we are always so far behind the USA.

Cool just saw this on my news feed.

Look how pretty! I love that the MM stuff is combined, but I'm always envious of how long you Dexcom-er peeps can keep a sensor in -- and how accurate they seem to be.

Let's move to Europe!

This really makes me think that we are one step closer to a closed loop system. When two good technologies come together they often create an even better technology. And hopefully this will bolster competition from the other diabetes companies.

Like you, I'm excited by the thought of only carrying one gadget around. However, last week I was at my endocrinologist (a top-notch, nationally known doc with T1 himself) and he told me that he "fired" Animas and will no longer prescribe their pumps. He was friends with the original CEO before the J&J buyout, and all along he has been telling them to improve their downloads/software capability. His beef is that they have not improved or kept up with Minimed at all in that field, and when his patients come in, it takes nearly 15 minutes to download the information for him to look at (he can interpret the data way better than I...it's all foreign to me!).If his patients don't come in early to their appt to get things downloaded, he doesn't have access to the info. I am so hoping that Animas gets going on this, because I'll be up for a new pump next year, so sounds like my timing would be good for the new Vibe. Keeping my fingers crossed...

I can't wait for this either! But am I the only one who wonders since the Dexcom works so well (for me) will it continue to do so with the change? I certainly don't underestimate the power of Animas + Dexcom but I do wonder.

Have we heard anything about when Animas is going to combine the Dex with the remote features of the Ping? There's no way I'm giving up my remote to get integrated CGMS... Especially if I'm going to have to haul the pump out of my bra to check it every time it beeps!

Just need some info now as to when we can get our hot, grubby hands on it... And none is forthcoming! But so tantalisly close. Hope it crosses the pond to you guys soon!

You'll lose the PING, I think.

I cannot wait.

As a Medtronic Revel Pump User with CGM, I am envious of the Dexcom users anyway, but now my "it's time for a REAL update" is itching for some of this action. I have used Medtronic Minimed since I was diagnosed (11 1/2 years ago), and I am hesitant to change.

It kind of sucks though, because I already updated my pump in January and added the CGM system as well, which means I won't have an update with my insurance for a very long time... Hopefully I'll be able to get in on this action when it is available and I have seen what kind of results the Animas Vibe and Dexcom G4 can do together. :)

That's a pity about losing the Ping. There's absolutely no way that I'm giving up the remote bolusing... I hope Animas offers two options -- one with the Ping, that's not integrated, and one that is! If not, when it's time to get a new one, I'd be jumping ship to the Pod.

It's a sad state of affairs when American companies are releasing their products overseas first because of the cumbersome approval process in the US.

For me it's good timing because I'm getting the Dexcom after 2-1/2 years of painful and erratic results with the Medtronic CGMS. However my Revel pump bought under the Medtronic upgrade program is warrantied for another 1-1/2 years. Hopefully the Animas/Dexcom combo is available next time I'm pump shopping. Of course maybe by then the new Medtronic sensor Enlite (also not available in the US) will be available in the US. Then there will actually be a choice of good systems.

I went to an Advanced Pumping class last week that Animas offered and inquired about this with the CDE (who is also a Type 1) teaching the class. She mentioned that the UK was about to get this gem! :) She also mentioned about how the FDA has all new leadership and it is harder and expensive to get things approved.... Insulet was denied recently, she said and Animas wanted to make sure they had everything perfect to avoid a denial. I'm due for an upgrade in August! I too am hoping they get this through quickly!!! :)

This sounds great! I especially like the waterproof feature for the CGM, since I'm a big of a klutz and IF I get a Dexcom, I'll probably drop it in a puddle or something...maybe Dexcom will learn how to make their receivers waterproof now?

It's interesting that neither company has updated their websites yet to show the great news.

Also, I'm pretty sure there won't be a remote because it's not listed in the "product features" section. That should be their next project!

This is great for those that love Animas and Dexcom! I, however, LOVE my Minimed pump, but if I were to get a CGM, I would want the Dex. It's not worth switching pumps to me, so I would still carry the separate device, WHEN I get mine :)

Holy smokes! This is the best news I have seen in a while =) I cannot freaking wait!

I want it now! Since I got my animas pump in 9/09 I've been waiting on this. I hope they also incude a back button...

Who wants to move to the UK with me?

The minimed pump doesn't ping, but it does do half of it - the numbers from the meter are transmitted to the pump. I can't imagine that it's that much harder to have remote bolusing, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if the vibe pings. I haven't read anything either way, though.

Oh, I totally want this! My daughter keeps leaving her Dexcom all over the house in odd places (back of the toilet, laundry basket, under the bedsheets, bottom of the closet). Would be awesome if it was attached!

Holy cow. As a prospective pump user, this looks amazing compared to that of the Medtronic Revel + CGM... I am anticipating switching to the pump later this summer, and I wish the FDA would just get on it, so I could start out with this combo!

"Come on, Health Canada. Let this one roll through quickly!! I can't wait to give this a go!"

I spoke to Animas Canada and it will be submitted for approval in Canada this year.

Now we can hope Health Canada moves quickly on approving this baby.

Can't wait! I wear both a Dexcom and the Animas Ping. Thanks for sharing!

The warranty is up on my 2020 in exactly a year (give or take a couple of days), so as long as it's available by then, I'll be pleased as punch.

I've been using MiniMed pumps for more than 10 years now. The first CGM I got was in a MiniMed pump. (I'm using a Paradigm 723 Revel now) I've never had to carry two devices. I think it's odd that Dexcom/Animas is just now catching up with an integrated device.

And...for those of you who actually follow the 3 day rule on the MiniMed CGM...you are wasting your money. I can get my sensor to last for an entire week. No problems. You just keep telling it that you put in a new sensor, even if you didn't. You couldn't pay me to carry around a seperate CGM receiver.

I was reading a article about research findings regarding insulin degludec and was wondering if had read anything your self?

It's beautiful :)

Congrats, UK -- and GREAT JOB, ANIMAS!

I have to admit that I'm not sure I'd be willing to give up my daughter's remote. I hate even thinking about making such a decision!

So exciting..love the color screen, waterproofness, all in one action...but ..no remote??? Not sure I can do without that!! Please tell Animas to include the remote!!

I was just chatting with our Animas rep about this yesterday. With respect to the software issues Animas has had ... they are planning on using the diasend software for downloads. Our center was part of the diasend pilot program and it is pretty slick. You can download virtually any meter (one touch ping/ ultra/ mini, accucheck, freestyle, and download the pump. The download time takes a fraction of what it takes using the EZManager software and the reports are pretty much on par with the rest of the industry (and much improved from what is available with EZManager).

With respect to the integration ... my big question mark would be alert volume. The current dexcom receiver is pretty loud and wakes me up easily at night. The animas pump, however, is not. I don't think we'd use the integrated dexcom with the vibe if we had to sacrifice having alerts I could actually hear at night. I'd rather keep the additional device and the ability to remote bolus from the ping meter, especially once the new meter is available.

I will say that the G4 sensor is THE BOMB! My daughter was part of a clinical trial of the G4 sensor for the pediatric indication and the results were astounding. Accuracy was head and shoulders better than the current sensor, which is already pretty good at times.

Im in England which is great that we maybe will have access to this, but chances will be very slim. We dont normally have a choice which pump we get as its the NHS and they get the one that the DSNs choose. If we do get this, we wont have the option of the CGS sensors as they are too expensive on the NHS. We could pay for them ourselves but they are extremely expensive (as you know!) and we dont have insurance like that. (I know how lucky we are to have the NHS trust me!)

Kerri, thanks for bringing us the news!

BUT...Not all of us wear our pump on our belt. We can't check the numbers on a Dexcom that's hiding in our clothing. We teachers and performers and professional types also might not want to be physically attached to a screechy, unstoppable "55" alarm in a meeting, a classroom or a concert! That little pump combo looks beautiful, but unless they work out a way to include a remote that also receives the Dexcom info, and to give us the option to silence all the alarms on the pump, I'll have to stick to a Dex I can keep in my handbag or hide in my case backstage (and hang on to my Cozmo as long as I can keep it ticking...)

Hello from the UK!

I'm mega excited about this, as I recently got the 2020 and so am part of the upgrade programme - which means as soon as it is available, I'll have my hands on one of these! I don't have funding for a Dexcom, but that's my next battle.

Rachael - not strictly true about not having choice. Some hospitals have bought into contracts with companies and so will only 'do' one pump. My hospital hasn't got a contract, and therefore I had the choice of the whole range of pumps (my nurse even suggested waiting for the Omnipod/Cellnovo type pumps when I first asked about a pump way over a year ago).

I am going to do my hardest to get my hands on Dexcom - self funding is looking like my only option, but I'm trying to suss out a CGM friendly consultant in London, so who knows what will happen.

OMGOMGOMG. I need it. And my warranty is up in January... Please get it through fast FDA, so I can get my shiny new 'toy'! - This is even better than I thought it was going to be... I wonder if you can still carry around the DexCom and if it would pick up the signal?
However, are we getting a meter-remote? If not, I might just get the Ping instead...

I want one so badly. My warranty is up on my current pump, but I'm holding out replacing it for this.

However, the marketing image is ridiculous. Really, 24 hours between 50 and 110 with the high alarm set at 110? Who has the high alarm set at 110? Thought I was ambitious with 160!

Nevermind! Just realized it is in mmol/l, not mg/dl. 5.0-10.0 mmol/l is perfectly reasonable.

SO excited for this device... It will be hard to give up the PING remote bolusing capability for a) dosing sleeping child and b) said child dosing in public without lifting her dress up to get to her pump! But "Dexter" is fantastic - a life saver at night. So bring it on. Totally agree that the Diasend software is WAY better than the ridiculously slow and clunky EZ Manager. Major improvement!

I agree with Rachel!! The reason I switched to Animas from Medtronic was not having to pull my pump out (which i clip to my bra) to bolus. I certainly don't want to have to pull it out to check my numbers, which is more often. I think Medtronic makes a better pump that is easier to use, but I love that remote functionality. I am not sure what the answer is but I am grateful for the technology that keeps us going until we have a cure.

I can't believe I'm reading this....I have an Animas "Ping" and as of yesterday 6/3/11, I just got approved/purchased a Dexcom Seven+!....Should I wait to open it and use my insurance coverage for a new Animas Vibe?

I for one do not see the separate Dex remote as a negative. If the CGM info is only displayed on the pump display then I worry that I will never hear the night-time alarms. Receiving timely alarms at night is the main reason that my A1c dropped by 1% when I started the Dex.

I found that when I put the Dex receiver under the blankets then I would often not hear the alarms. Once I started placing the Dex receiver where I could hear it then I consistently was able to hear the alarm, wake up, and take timely corrective action.

I'm hoping that the G4 sensors will either be backward compatible with current Dex receivers or that Dexcom decides to make the separate receiver an option.

I will not buy any CGM/pump system that cannot wake me up at night!

I Want, and foresee that this will be the device that takes me from Minimed to Animas/Dex. I'm so there, as soon as the FDA does what needs to be done. I predict, maybe like 2013? Really, that's not too long to wait...


After wearing the MiniMed CGM .... I am now an absolute HUGE HUGE DEX COM fan! (Accuracy for me)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Dex Com!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay - here's the deal - I have dual citizenship - do you want me to go back for a few months - horde as many of these little pumps/CGMS's as I can - and smuggle them back for us. Huh? Huh? Huh? Hmmm, wonder if they still sell grape flavoured crisps there :)

Six months and counting until my MM warranty is up. Can't wait to switch to Animas. Here's to hoping the integrated device is available by January 2012, but I'm not holding my breath.

I want it too!! My pump warranty expires at the end of this month. Love my Dex and seriously thinking of Animas for the pump. So I don't guess I'll get it this time around maybe next pump upgrade.

This is wonderful news. We are starting to save right now!!

I must say yall are getting excited about something that has been on the market for years now...

As a consumer of both Animas and Medtronic... I ask that you question really what you want in a pump..

1. Is a color screen really gonna help your control.

2. Have you actually tested a Medtronic pump under water for 24 hours at even further depths?

3. Have you ever had a low due to your pump overlapping insulin?

4. Have you ever had an issue with your pump in the weeeeee hours of the morning and needed assistance?

To answer some of these misconceptions..

1. The color screen does nothing to your control and you should really question your objectives if that’s a primary concern.

2. Any and all pumps with a hairline crack aren't water proof. Dropping an Animas or Medtronic pump can cause damage. I have swam, snorkeled and skied with my Medtronic for years never once having a issue. Read the fine lines with your pump. Medtronic's pump is just as waterproof and will always be. I feel they just want to hold up to their prestigious name and only claim it’s water resistant.

3. There’s only one company that tracks your active insulin.. This is a monumental factor for those who experience common lows as my self.

4. You sure can’t call Animas at midnight trying to trouble shoot an issue you’re having... Medtronic on the other hand will have another pump overnighted at your doorstep as long as it’s under warranty.

ALL in all... as a diabetic for 23 of my 25 years alive I have seen it all. There’s one thing I know though. Medtronic is 80+% of the market for a reason. Some of yall are claiming.... OH I can’t wait till the next generation of Animas's pump...... I’m sure its has some great features. With that said they are only features Medtronic has offered for the past half decade. I have worn dexcom and agree Medtronic’s current CGM is not as comfortable. THOUGH do your research and you will see Medtronic ALSO has FDA pending approval for a CGM that’s TWICE as comfortable and TWICE as accurate. And who care if FDA approves it for 7 days. Keep in mind US diabetics heal slower the average person. Many of us won’t be able to wear the thing for 7 days even if we wanted. Keep in mind we are much more prone to infections and skin irritations. I wear my CGM for 5days at a time and think have had great success doing so.

As you can see I am obviously Medtronic biased but can support it. Honestly, whether you’re on an Animas, Medtronic or any of those other companies that are just trying to make ends meat in the market. You are doing better off than someone that’s on injections and I commend you on that.

If you want a product that:

-Puts more money in R&D than Animas can even bring in with revenue.

-Will back their warranty with no questions asked and have another overnighted first thing to your doorstep.

-Tracks your active insulin to keep you from overlapping insulin.

-Has a company with field partners in every city in the US

-Has 24hr technical support for any and everything you can imagine and won’t wait on hold for no more than 60 seconds.

-And it light-years ahead of any company in relation to a Closed loop system.

This list can go on and on and on and on.... There is no debate on which pump is better than another. Best advice I can give you is go make your own educated decision and don’t let some salesman at Animas scheme you into buying one. Cause with Animas if the pump ships to your address.... YOU’RE STUCK WITH IT...

Why is Medtronic the only company that offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee??

Ryan is biased for Medtronic because he works for Medtronic! He really should have indicated that in his post.

Excuse me Ryan Moorman....I have educated diabetic patients for years and have also been type 1 for 38 years. Have worn both Medtronic and Animas pumps. Have worn both Dexcom and Medtronic CGMS....and am the iPRO specialist in the field for the University Medical Center in which I work. Where do you get your information?
I choose to not argue about everything stated because the pumps all have their pros and cons; however, I will say that you are absolutely wrong about the "active insulin" or "insulin on board" (as Animas calls it). These pumps are all designed to protect the patient from the danger of stacking insulin by offering this feature. It is up to the pumper and/or provider as to whether this is activated and for how many hours it will be set...so there is not the danger of severe hypoglycemia. Oh and the waterproof thing....so many of my patients have called with malfunctioned pumps because their Paradigm Pump was submerged in and damaged by water. You are very lucky yours has not ruined. I would not take the risk, nor would I suggest to others that this is ok to do when the manufacturer strictly suggests against it. Good luck with what you are doing my friend. As long as our fellow IDDMs are pumping, I think we are all doing our best to be the best at tackling this mean disease, don't you?

I am 21 years old and have been a type one diabetic since the age of one. I have been doing MDI for all these years; and recently looked into insulin pumps. I love the waterproof feature of the Animas ping, and the integrated CGM on the Medtronic. It would be great to get a pump that has both features. I hope the FDA passes the Vibe quickly!

I was putting all my gear together the other day on my belt.
Dexcom in belt case. Check.
Animas in belt case. Check.
iPhone on belt clip. Check.
Batman cape to go with crowded belt… at the dry cleaners.
I'm looking forward to consolidating all these gadgets. Think they could get a Dexcom Animas add on app for the iPhone anytime soon? :D

my5 y.o. daughter is on the ping and dex7+:
nwe, her grandparents and her School rely heavily on the remote features of the ping and wouldn't abandon that for the vibe's integration.
please share any info you have re: the new g4 sensor!

Ryan is funny.

I have a medtronic pump and must admit that it is decent and has its perks. HOWEVER, with that being said, i can never go swimming for more then a half hour without the LCD display coming out of the device.
when i called medtronic i was told by a rep that this is expected and that the pumps should not be submerged.
In addition when medtronic came out with the "real time" sensors they didnt include ANY specs on the canula for that.
After using that harpoon for several weeks i now how permanently unusable areas for infusions because of the scar tissue. i called and was essentially told to fly a kite.
I belong to a large diabetic group locally and know that i am not alone on this.

Minimed was nice until they were bought out by medtronic.

I love my Deltec Cozmo, I am going to miss this pump when I upgrade. I am just waiting for the Animas Vibe. That way I can stop carrying this Dexcom 7 receiver!

I have used Medtronic 722 for four years now and used the CGMS for the past two years. When I did get a signal the accuracy of the readings was, well, not. On average the readings were off by 100+. I switched to DexCom CGMS in December and have been very happy. I am eagerly awaiting the Vibe so I can also ditch my current pump (after five years I am on #7...talk about product robustness there...).

I'm in the same situation Lisa. Four years on the 722. I jumped on the cgm bandwagon early and have been disappointed with the results. Scar tissue and reliable readings only when you have utmost control during calibration. Needless to say, integration with the insulin pump is its shining feature. I hesitate to use the dexcomm since I do not want to carry around a whole neither device.

I'm out of warranty so I can upgrade, but I think I'll wait for the vibe. The new medtronic revel hardly seems like an upgrade at all. (really what's improved over the 722?)

Sigh, nine months later and still no word on the approval proess.

And another thing to point out. Animas will take any Luer Lock infusion set. If you have a zillion allergies, Latex being one of mine, a necessity. And from handling both, the Animas feels more rugged, especially for gimpy pumpers. My Norwegian wife now is pumping with the Vibe. It is cool and one less gadget to carry when you use a Dexcom 7 Plus.

One of the problems is the Dexcom G4 is not FDA approved. I will be starting a trial on the G4 next week. and it is a 1 year trial. I hope it is a final phase trial, but it may be a while for us to get this technology in our hands...

Ryan has been trained well by the Borg.
He only reveals the info that helps sell his device. He is 25 and proclaims to know everything. Lol. Medtronic sues companies out of business because they can, helps with market share, they prey on the insecurities of parents with lies and misinformation just like his rant above. I find the company distasteful, for that reason. The integrated animas would be the second pump to consider next to the tslim when my Cosmo warranty goes out later this year. I may just keep using it as long as it works and I can get cartridges


Having used the 722 for the last 4 years, I am looking forward to getting the Animas Ping tomorrow, and here's why:

I have a Dexcom 7, and it works well for the indicators (I have Cooper, my Diabetic Alert Dog for backup #2) that it has, but I'd like the convergence of the technologies, so I can just remember one device, plus having it attached to me is a plus as well.

The Minimed pump is great as far as insulin capacity (love the 3ml reservoirs), but the harpoon with the CGM and the design is just amateur hour engineering, at best. Did anyone try these things out? The issue with the Minimed CGM is that you essentially have this thing the size of a quarter being held on it's edge, and you have to hope that nothing, like an undershirt, catches it and pulls the sensor out. Well, after speaking with Minimed, they are willing to sell me all sorts of add-ons (not insurance covered) to correct this.
No thank you.

The Dexcom one looks and works like someone who tried it out, wore it, and lastly had to stick that needle in them.

Anyway, again, I'm looking forward to the Ping arriving tomorrow, and when the Vibe comes to the US, I already have $100 stashed away for the upgrade.

Oh, and to answer your questions, Ryan:

1. Color screen - meh... but it is nice to use those cones on my retina, rather than just the rods.

2. Have only tested my 722 to 6' and when I got to the surface, Minimed was nice enough to send me a new pump.

3. Yes. My 507 did, but then I learned (I haven't seen as much as you in my 41/43 years of being a diabetic, but I'll keep up...) not to stack boluses.

4. Yes, I have with my Animas pump, and I called the local rep and had one when we met up later that day, while I waited for my replacement.

Since you like answering your own questions, here are some from me:

1. Do you like changing out that Minimed CGM sensor every 3* days, rather than a thinner needled one every 7?

2. Do you like having to add extra tape to your CGM sensor because it gets caught on your undershirt and pulls out?

3. Do you like charging your CGM sensor, rather than replacing it annually?

4. Do you like it when the company, with it's 30 day money back guarantee, takes your old pump, and doesn't give it back, essentially ensuring that you have to keep their pump, or go without?

5. Do you like it when your sensor is out of range for over 2 hours, you have to restart it again?

Plus, I thought that Animas is now owned by Johnson and Johnson, so company size may need to be re-compared.

Also, the Vibe has been out for 2 years in Europe. We're not getting anything untested here.

*You and I are alike... I used my MM ones for 9 days, and I found it most accurate on the 2nd 3 days.

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