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Guest Post: What is a Diabetes Superhero?

If you don't know Captain Glucose and Meter Boy, you are about to have your animated world rocked.  This dynamic duo, aka Bill Kirchenbauer (Captain Glucose) and Brad Slaight (Meter Boy), are tireless advocates for the diabetes online community. They rap.  They advocate for why glucose meters matter.  And today, they're premiering their new PSA here!

*   *   *

There are many important questions in the world today, like: Will there ever be peace in the Middle East? How will America pay off the deficit? What the heck is that thing on Donald Trump's head? We have no answers for any of those, but we can answer the question we are asked the most often: What is a diabetes superhero?
Years ago when we created the characters Captain Glucose and Meter Boy: The Diabetes Duo, we patterned them after iconic do-gooders like Batman and Robin, The Incredibles, and other non pancreas challenged comic book superheroes. We both have diabetes and being in the entertainment industry we felt that we could best contribute to diabetes awareness by using our creative talents. We came up with a TV pilot to star in but our agent said no one was interested in a sitcom about diabetes called "$#*! My Meter Says" so we decided to make a short humorous PSA (public service announcement) instead. We believe that basic diabetes information is more accessible if it's presented in an entertaining manner. At first we played the characters as live-action real people and we dressed up in handmade costumes, which really made our friends and family question our sanity. But we have since changed them to animated characters with special powers. We did this for two reasons: 1) animated characters have more of a visual impact, and 2) when you're a cartoon you never age or put on weight! 
Since first creating Captain Glucose and Meter Boy, we have come to realize that there already exists many real life diabetes superheroes. They can be found in the diabetes online community, or more acronymically appropriate, the D.O.C. They don't wear tights (good thing because those can really chafe) but they are on a similar mission to share their knowledge and help others. They are not in a lab looking for a way to cure "mouseabetes." These real life diabetes superheroes are at their computers spreading the word, writing blogs, supporting those in need, representing all of us at conferences, and fighting the good fight day in and day out. It is a long list of names that is growing faster than diabetes itself and they work tirelessly to help others without ever asking anything in return. Theses D-heroes are making a difference in the lives of many.
Dr. Seuss said in The Lorax, "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." (He's good, but probably didn't write any stories about our disease because there aren't enough words that rhyme with diabetes.) His touching poetic line applies to the many people in the diabetes online community we've met who do care a whole awful lot. They are willing to share their knowledge, experience, successes, failures, hopes, fears, dreams, tears, laughter...and on occasion even something as effectively simple as a Diet Coke. Captain Glucose and Meter Boy's motto is "Be Your Own Personal Diabetes Superhero." These amazing  people help make that an achievable goal for everyone.
So now whenever someone asks us what a diabetes superhero is, we tell them to go to their P-C or M-A-C and log on to the D-O-C. That's where all the real diabetes superheroes hang out ...just don't expect them to be wearing costumes!
Here is our new animated diabetes PSA about fighting apathy. It introduces our newest team member Dee Dee (a.k.a. D-Girl). We are honored that Kerri, one of our favorite diabetes superheroes, is letting us "world premiere" it here on Six Until Me.

-- Bill Kirchenbauer (T2) and Brad Slaight (T1)

*   *   *

(If YouTube is on the fritz, you can also check out the video on the duo's website.)  Thanks for helping to raise awareness and defeat apathy, guys!!!  


Thank you for the fun post. Great for a little boy with d to watch his favorite super heros battling the problems of d. Now we just need the action figures...

THis is awesome!!!!!

I could really dig some action figures!

Love this - what a refreshing approach to a potentially big problem. Thanks for sharing!

Terrific post. Captain Glucose and Meter Boy rock!


Awesome way to get important facts across in a different media form. Kids should especially tune in.

Love it! Thanks so much for sharing!!

As usual - the duo team in capes - bring diabetic awareness to the world again - with abit of flair! Right on!!!!

Wow, that's pretty spectacular and awesome! Wish I would've had some cool cartoon superheroes like that back in the day when I was young and first diagnosed at five... Such fun with a great message for the kids. So creative! Thanks for sharing this, Kerri!

Cute, fun...

Informative and beneficial to those with Diabetes. Great way to help others!

Wonderful! It's about time we see something bright and entertaining about the big D. Kids and their parents are going to love this. Well done!!

...Must...fight urge...to be lazy with my diabetes.

Hahaha, been there! This is great. Can I get one of those snazzy utility belts so D-girl can come rescue me the next time I see a cupcake?!

This was fantastic! We need more fun, creative approaches such as yours to fight chronic, life-threatening diseases like diabetes. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see what Captain Glucose and Meter Boy are up to next!

Wonderful! Deb Williams was right. This is one of the most inventive things I've seen. It's about time we had something bright and still educational about the big D! More please!

Loved it! What a great way to get a message across. Green Lantern has nothing on those two super heroes. Maybe there will be a sequel?

Love these guys and what they are doing. Sharing this with all of my D friends. Thank you!!!!!!!

I almost fell out of my chair when I heard the Galaga video game sound effects! Love it guys!!

Wow. Great video! And an added bonus I've seen both of the actors who play these guys on TV. Didn't know they did something like this. Too cool!

Smartly done and sends its vital message with zany panache!

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