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D-Blog Week: Admiring Our Differences.

Diabetes Blog Week = <3Kerri's take on D-Blog Week:

Heroes don't always wear capes.  It's not a requirement.  But if any of these people busted out with a bedazzled cape, I wouldn't be surprised.  :)

The people who take care of children with diabetes are my heroes.  Moms and dads, grandmas and grandfathers, aunts and uncles and siblings - all saving lives every day with their love, compassion, and dedication.  My parents - in particular my mother - helped me understand what diabetes meant and how to make it part of my life while respecting it, doing our best not to resent it, and recognizing that it doesn't own me.  The caregivers of children with diabetes are the kinds of people who change lives, and are the living illustrations of "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

The people who share their life experiences with type 2 diabetes are heroes.  People with type 2 diabetes are the societal majority, but seem to be the online minority.  Their stories aren't often told, but need to be, because while their community is so much like the type 1 community, sometimes their emotional and physical needs are different.  I have high respect for the type 2 bloggers who share their stories and combat the blame, guilt, and misconceptions unfairly associated with their disease.

The spouses of people with diabetes are heroes.  Not just the spouses - the boyfriends and girlfriends and life partners and significant others - these people did not actively seek a partner with diabetes, but they live alongside this condition with us as though it is their own.  They don't have to ask about every blood sugar result or come along on every doctor's appointment to be our support system.  They love us, and in that love, we can find strength when we need it most. 

The lurkers are heroes.  (Hi, Lurkers!  You rock.)  There are a lot of people who write about life with diabetes, but there are even more who are living with it, and maybe quietly lurking on diabetes blogs and in patient communities, looking for perspectives to help them better understand their child's diabetes, or their co-worker's, or their own.

And my fellow type 1 PWDs are heroes.  Diagnosed as adults or as kids, we're living with a The diabetes community is crammed with superheroes.  Capes optional.  :)disease that varies so greatly but yet bonds so tightly.  We are parents with diabetes.  We are ninjas.  We're living with a mess of a disease that society barely recognizes and that is relentless in its daily requirements, but together, we keep research and awareness moving forward. Our numbers are small but our voice can be so LOUD.

There are a lot of differences within this one community, but so much is the same.  We all want to be healthy, inspired, and supported.  As a community, we're as tough as they come, and more unified than we think.  When the glucocoaster starts rolling, we call out our advocacy unicorns, lean on one another, and stay tough. 

(This post is part of the Second Annual D-Blog Week.  To participate, check out the details on Karen's blog!  And thanks, as always, to Karen for organizing such a great advocacy effort.)


Great point about loving the lurkers. Weren't we all just lurking once?

Just a lurker, saying hello! Thanks for a great post that acknowledges all d-heroes!

I agree, there are a whole lot of heroes in the DOC :)

I think parents of CWD are heroes. And I also think your point on how type2 diabetics are always portrayed as lazy is an important stereotype to abolish. Thanks for sharing these thoughts and for letting us Lurkers lurk!!

Thank you for this inspirational post. I can't tell you how encouraging it is when a PWD acknowledges the PofCWD :)

I have some T2 people in my life whom I love dearly. Through the T2 blogs in the DOC, I've come to learn more about what their struggles are like -- and appreciate the hard work and dedication they must put forth in their own lives.

Spouses/partners -- HOLLA! Loving unconditionally and supporting the T1 in your life is SO important. YOU ROCK!


T1's. Well. I almost want to cry when I think about my T1 peeps. You guys give me hope...help me understand the things my girl can't explain...and encourage a journey that feels overwhelming at times.

YO - shouting out some LOVE for the DOC!


I am a long time lurker saying "Hello and thank you!" March marked the 19th year since I was diagnosed with T1. My mom is a hero in the truest sense of the word! I thought all day yesterday (Mother's Day) about all of the sacrifices that she made throughout my childhood to make sure I felt "normal". Thanks for recognizing that Parents of children with Diabetes are very real heroes!

This is a great post and I love that you give a shout-out to the lurkers. We've all been there. Your line about the diabetes community being as "tough as they come, and more unified than we think," is right on!

lurkers are awesome :D

Great post kerri!

I am a D mom, I don't own a cape but I have unconditionnal love for my child. Maybe I am his hero, but as I read you every day I can say that you are one of my heros. The DOC has help me alot to accept and deal with every day D life. You make me smile, you make me cry and at the end of the day I know I'm not alone. Thank you for being part of my life! ;0)

Kerri, as usual a wonderful post. Thank you for all you do.

A whole lot of heroes indeed! :)

Great point about the D-Lurkers, Kerri! On top of that, lurking can even lead to blogging and being more involved (was the case for me, at least). Thanks for all the great recognition for the diverse population of our community. Everyone is truly awesome.

Keri, you were one of the first on the DOC I reached out to. You never knew it but I started out as a lurker, then got the courage to blog and put my own daily struggle out there. I am a much stronger T1 advocate and a more supported PWD because of you and the DOC!

We are awesome.(and this post reinforces it)

Love the advocacy unicorn! Even moreso because my D-Kid's favorite animal is the unicorn and she's slept with one every night since she was 18 months old.

I may or may not have a bedazzled cape.

And as I wrote today, you are one of my heroes :)

I would like to add one more hero to this list. My Endo. He has been a great support. Encouraging, knowledgeable and caring. Lets hear it for the our medical team.

I am a PofCWD and spouse of a PWD. Thank you for understanding and for being so gracious. You truly touched me! As much as your supporters are your heroes, my child and spouse are my heroes for living with T1D each and every day.


Thank you for the shout-out Kerri - I'm a lurker, T1 for almost 43 years, and still doing quite well thank you! I can't tell you how much it helps to know I'm not the only one out there dealing with the day-to-day of D. Making connections is what it's all about.


I meant that to be all Caps BTW. :)

Thanks for the shout out and never forget that you are totally ninjabetic too!

WOOT! our community rocks

Lurking for lurkers, and yet we still have importance, eh. Great post!

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